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Monday, December 8, 2014

Whoa - where did that time go!? Updates, updates!

Did a week just disappear!? 

My hair actually looks like the above picture! However my eyes are very small! lol I do have good news! All our hard work as a family and with a few dedicated friends we have raised to date $2950.00 towards our daughters special needs jogging stroller! 
There was a time I thought that human compassion was diminishing. That our generation of people was changing to a more selfish world. We started a family fundraiser making "Emily's Angels" to purchase an all terrain special needs jogging stroller and we have received something more important. Community support. Compassion from strangers. Valuable lessons for our children that hard work pays off. Hard work supporting each other, supporting their sister. I believe if we don't teach the younger generation to support each other, to work for what they need, that selfish independent existence will rise and our world will suffer immensely. Right now I have witnessed something wonderful. Human compassion and community support still exists! I have a hard time holding in my tears every time I come in contact with someone supporting another - for a stranger. Our community is amazing! And every day for months I've seen our children work unconditionally supporting their sister with no benefit for themselves. However the benefit is greater then one knows. I am a proud mother raising children that will hopefully become that continued generation of supporting love for others. To accept unconditionally. To lend support without opening their hands for something in return. To understand that with hard work comes success! This is what I want to see within my children in their adult years. 
We have amazing events happening in our future. This Saturday, Dec 13th is our annual Christmas party at the Nanoose Place Hall. From 4-9 pm. It's a potluck, and please bring a gift per child with their first and last names on it for our surprise visitor! There will be door prizes, a talent show, and a craft table. We need families to come out and support each other to continue our annual Christmas party. So please spread the word, it's for all adoptive, waiting to adopt, family and supportive friends. More the merrier! 
In the New Year an amazing woman has dedicated her 70th birthday party to Emily. The proceeds are going towards Emily's stroller. If you're interested in attending, Judy's birthday stroller-fun-raiser party will be on February 21st! Children's playtime starts at 4 pm-6 pm and adult playtime starts at 6 pm -10 pm with live music by "Reis" The party will be at the reserved family MGM restaurant at 240 Nicol Street in Nanaimo. There will be a party dinner menu, seniors over 60 is $11.45, adults is $12.95, children are $6.95. There will be dancing, and much much more! A fun event for all! Please RSVP me or Judy at! It's an open invitation for all and anyone who would like to come out and support Emily, AND have some FUN! 
We have many big big surprises for 2015, so stay tuned to be involved! 

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