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Sunday, November 30, 2014


A fighter is a unyielding, or determined person to face their challenges with only success in mind. That's what I witnessed today in my Campbell River Mother. We all have a choice on how we're going to deal with our challenges. What I witnessed today was a courageous woman taking a step and embracing her challenge before it happens. My mother started chemotherapy recently and she decided to have a head shaving party. She had three supportive friends join her while I shaved all their heads. Some people might think that it was a premature step. "Why not wait until your hair falls out? Some may ask" I personally thought taking that step and turning that step into a positive experience was awesome. We're all fighters if we choose to be. It's the only way success happens - is to fight for it. It doesn't matter if you're fighting a disease. Have mobility challenges or if it's struggling through education, or obtaining a career in life. You need to be that determined person to live life successfully within this world. For me as the hairdresser, I felt honored to be a part of something so emotionally and physically draining on ones soul. I was there to support and what I left with was gratitude. Four woman shaved their heads, and embraced their new found beauty. It reminded me of the saying, "Take the bull by the horns" Basically confronting the problem head-on and dealing with it openly. It was truly an amazing experience. We know this is only the beginning however it's a beginning fighting and taking control.

I'm a proud daughter of my mother. A woman who jumped into a blended family. Who remained supportive and positive throughout my life. I don't believe ever once did she judge or give a negative opinion about my choices in life. She was just there, always smiling. Recognition is powerful and how can I not, write about such a wonderful inspiring woman such as her. With a few tears, and lots of laughter we shared a wonderful experience together. "Thank you" I'm here for you. No one needs to fight alone. We will conquer this all together. When you can yell, "I am a Survivor!"  - I hold you to that tattoo! And I will find a place that isn't covered because my life story is never finished......and you're a part of it. Lots of love xoxo

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