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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

"Wet" Coast with Paddington Bear

Vancouver Island weather is wet and several parts of the Island are flooded! For a home school field trip we decided to take Paddington Bear out for a wet adventure! Paddington was really excited to join us, he was the first one out the door! 
When Paddington went outside he was astonished! His yard was flooding, and there was huge mud puddles everywhere! His mother said, "No stomping in the mud puddles Paddington!" Paddington had to grin and "bear" it!
During the car ride Paddington started arguing and complaining about how his car seat was too tight! I explained over and over again that he needed to be safe! After careful thought, Paddington didn't want to stay home, so he had to "bear it" again to continue on our wet coast adventure!
 AND what an adventure it was! Paddington didn't realize he was going to go river rafting! He had so much fun in his white rubber basin that he wanted rides over and over again! Paddington wanted to take off his under "bear" and "bear" it all to go swimming!  "Oh Paddington, we only have two hours for this adventure, so we must travel on", I said. 
 Our first stop was at our local swimming hole called Top Bridge. Paddington jumped out of the van and started jumping in the puddles! I yelled, "Naughty Bear Paddington!" "I told you no puddle jumping!" At least Paddington was wearing black rubber boots because some of us were not! Paddington announced loudly that he's a bear with hair and he wouldn't suffer from hypothermia!  I quickly reminded him that he needs to be a role model for the rest of us and "obear" all the rules!
Paddington was looking to where the nose once was. The top of a tall rock cliff that everyone jumps off of. It was covered with a raging angry river! Paddington felt excited learning about what a storm can do, but he was also sad witnessing his favorite swimming hole SO impacted with fierce running water.  

 Paddington tried to climb the suspension bridge to get a better view. While he was climbing a strange woman with a camera was taking pictures of him. AND it wasn't Paddington's friends! Paddington felt worried that his picture was going to be stolen and posted all over the Internet. He started to cry. We reassured Paddington that we will protect his identity, and he won't get in trouble for climbing all over the suspension bridge! We did mention to be very careful while viewing the river! Safety is always first while having a "bear" of a time!

We were all pretty cold and soggy. So before our next destination, we decided to order candy cane hot chocolates! Of course Paddington wanted donuts, tim-bits, bagels and even a big mac.... so I had to remind him that we packed a picnic and we're only having candy cane hot chocolates for a treat. Paddington was confused and questioned why isn't there pictures of a big mac!? "Paddington, Paddington"......"This is Tim Horton's" "Not McDonald's" I explained. Paddington sighed quietly whispering, "I'm "beary" hungry"
We pulled over on our way to our next destination. There was caution signs everywhere! (As there was road flooding) So good ole Paddington checked it out. He wanted to make sure the road was safe enough for us to drive on. Paddington can be behavioural and demanding sometimes but then his true bear colors comes out and saves the day! Such a great bear most of the time! 
 We finally arrived at the Englishman River Falls! Paddington stayed out of the puddles and gracefully posed smiling for the camera. He could hear the raging falls from kilometers away and he couldn't wait to see what the storm created here! Paddington was "bearfully" careful  to stay out of the mud puddles this time! 
 "Oh no" cried Paddington. "Someone destroyed and ripped off the tree branches!" "Why", Paddington asked while tearing. Paddington was so sad that it made us all tear. I explained that it wasn't just anyone, it was our weather and that our weather can be very dangerous. Lately our Island has been hit with several rain and wind storms that heightened our rivers and knocked down trees. It's left people homeless due to flooding. Paddington was correct to tear, mother nature can be strong and unforgiving. However we are strong too and will survive especially if we help each other through difficult times. 
 During our trail walk Paddington loved balancing on the fence rail. Only Paddington was allowed to walk the rail because he's mastered gymnastics and can quickly revive himself if he falls. As seen in the above picture while climbing the suspension bridge, Paddington is an amazing gymnast!  When he grows up he wants to join the circus. I told him that it would make me proud as long as he's happy and healthy! 
 Paddington was smiling ear to ear listening to the roaring river and seeing the mist come off of the raging water. What was even more amazing was seeing huge logs being tossed from side to side. Paddington said, "I see now how nature works" "Nature is cleaning up the loose logs along the river side so when we come back in the summer, we will have somewhere to sit, eat our picnic and swim" I smiled, "Good point however we won't be able to swim here Paddington, it's too dangerous!"  
 Paddington had many emotions running through his bear brain today. From being somewhat naughty, to feeling sad, to feeling happy but most importantly feeling grateful to be alive. To witness what an amazing world he lives in. How beautiful it is. How magical. While Paddington looked at the forever changing river, not only seeing, not only hearing but physically feeling the mist in the air, Paddington was just besides himself in "awe" Then Paddington asked, "Can we fish in there please!?" A "bearful" thought! 
 Paddington was so happy to be home. He felt great from all the excitement and fresh air! It was his lucky day! He received another hot chocolate and a yogurt granola bar while cuddled up in a cozy warm blanket watching Backyardigans. Soon after, Paddington fell asleep......dreaming of what a wonderful world we have after all......and he had a "beary" fun adventure! 

Author - Carebear
A fact - Believe it or not, my nickname when I was a kid was "Carebear" 

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