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Friday, December 26, 2014

Our 2014 Christmas Photo Reflection

2014's Christmas was another success!

Board Games!
 Our annual Christmas Eve PJ night!
 Christmas morning! AND believe it or not, there is only two presents each!
 Our oldest hillbilly son!
 Grand babe standing in front of her gift from Grandma and Grumps!
 Our littlest daughter "Emily" loves opening gifts. (She had more then others) "oops"
 Sparring equipment for Christmas!
 My two oldest daughters. I swear I look a little crazy here. (I probably am)
 "Daddy's cake" 

Christmas came as fast as I thought. It was very nice spending time with every one in the comfort of our own home. I wasn't able to take many photos. So unfortunately these are some of not many more! Please be safe during the rest of the holiday. For us - it's planning, preparing and moving into January 2015!  

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