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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Undercover Boss

I actually sat down and watched television. I watched "Undercover Boss" It is a reality television show about a CEO, or a owner of an establishment, and/or chain that goes under cover as a beginner. It could be dish washing, cooking, to working a till at the front desk depending on the business. It's actually very interesting. In fact, it's a really good program. The idea is for the owners to recognize and understand problems within their establishment. Once the week is over being undercover, the owner will announce who he/she was and if an employee needs more training, they will get that or if an employee is incredible, they are rewarded in ways of whatever their financial need is. It could be child care, or further education. Who knows....the options are endless because it's up to the owner to decide. It's not only life changing for the employees, it's life changing for the employer. I honestly truly enjoyed watching this show on TLC. It reminded me when I was a supervisor of a restaurant for ten years. It reminded me of being a mother. A good employer, a good parent are people that are aware of what is wrong and what works and strive to accomplish what's needed for a better atmosphere. For a better learning situation, and to give recognition where it needs to be. As a home schooling parent now of seven "and counting" .....I am learning myself where my children needs are. A good employer would also recognize where his/her employee needs more experience, and before "firing" trying to educate. Like our children.....we wouldn't give up because they lack common sense right? lol Experience is key. So as I watched "Undercover Boss" I thought RIGHT ON! I know many young adults struggling to find a position in the work field. Many businesses don't have the time, or the patience to teach new employees and especially employees who struggle grasping certain concepts of the job requirements. I believe an establishment wouldn't have to rehire every week or month if they would only focus on whom they hired in the first place. Train. Retrain and give that employee a chance. It's like children......regardless if they have a diagnoses or not, with consistency and routine there is hope. There is success. Sometimes I feel like a under cover boss. I'm always watching. I know what needs fine tuning, and with patience - eventually the most challenging of situations resolve itself. I've experienced it not only as a supervisor, as a mother. If you have the time, watch this program. I personally thought it was pretty cool and being me, I associated this reality television show with my life. With every ones life. Most importantly I loved the fact there was hope for advancement. You might not have thought about yourself as a "Undercover Boss" but in one way or another you are....and hopefully in a compassionate understanding way. 

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.

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