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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Song Bird.

Lately while traveling anywhere I have been noticing these large flocks of little birds in the sky. I seen them in the Seattle area, and again today on our Island. They fly fast and in sequence. Back and forth, up and down, like they're dancing together. Not one bird makes a mistake during this unique dance in the sky. There must be hundreds of them. I might be wrong but I think they're starlings that do reside in North America. When I researched them, their flight is strong and direct. The starlings that are located in our area are more likely the European Starling. I thought it was amazing watching these birds fly together. Dancing in the sky. They're also known as the song bird. I learned that these birds engage in groups of flight when they're getting ready to roost at night. Starlings are wonderful mimics as well as splendid singers, and incorporate so many different sounds into their songs that a flock of them is called a murmuration. I was memorized. I've seen this before but today witnessing their flawless dance in the sky I couldn't help but feel a sense of peace. Watching these birds fly was like they were performing for us. Hundreds of fluttering wings, and singing birds dancing happily without care. Can you imagine if life was that simple? If life was like a song bird just existing in harmony. I know after their murmuration, their dance is over too but it was a great thought. After my errands, some of us went to our friend's mother's house to swim in the ocean. My friend and her mother ( known as "Grandma") are truly beautiful people. My friend gave me this beautiful necklace from where we first met, and our favorite place "Hornby Island" Inside the little glass bottle is sandpiper beach glass, Hornby Island's shells and seaweed plus a little hummingbird feather. It consists of a little green top (my favorite color) and on the chain it has a little green leaf. I forgot to tell her about the starlings, and on how they seemed to make that moment feel peaceful then while ending the day with a tiny but significant hummingbird feather. Another fact she didn't know was that I love the hummingbirds meaning, a meaning I knew before this gift. It means the enjoyment of life, and lightness of being. Hummingbirds are independent, unlike the starlings, and they bring playfulness and joy into our lives while lifting up negativity's. They're swift, and are able to respond quickly, they're resilient and are able to travel great distances tirelessly. This is a little cherished piece I will wear and hold during our challenging times ahead. I didn't realize that today was going to surround me with significant feelings of peacefulness, and amazing birds to remind me to keep focused, to continue to dance, and remain resilient. I have been very blessed in my life to meet such wonderful people that I consider family. Tonight while holding this little treasure, I feel very honored to have the family and friends I have. I'm thankful that I'm able to pay attention to what's around me, to allow nature to soothe, and to recognize when I need a little song bird to give me some strength. Life is amazing if we can all learn to just listen to what's around us, to witness the beauty of our earth that's just before us and to absorb it all in. If you can learn to recognize and savor these moments daily, you will feel that peacefulness that I did today regardless your situation. I truly do love life.......I hope you do too. 
"Dhanyabad Saathi" -Thank you friend in Nepalese!

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