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Friday, August 15, 2014

One day at a time.....

Besides our trailers fridge and bathtub unusable, and the on and off monsoon, camping was once again memorable fun for our children. For my husband and I it was mostly work while occasionally visiting with friends we were camping with. Our last morning it poured while we were packing up. Everything was drenched. We were glad that we camped but we were very excited to come home. Being only two weeks until September, we are ready to play it low key and prepare for school, and prepare for our upcoming health challenges. During camping on August 14th, it was my husband and I 15th anniversary. I did bring out a bottle of champagne to celebrate although we never cracked the bottle. After putting our children to bed, and including my grand baby (that came camping with us) I crawled next to our littlest daughter and fell asleep. My father and mother came to visit for a few hours which was nice, all in all, it was a great camping trip. Now it's time to grasp our realities, carry on with our responsibilities and throw in a day trip here and there. Leaving this post with my thoughts for today.....I awake every day hoping for a positive productive best day possible but life throws those unexpected curve balls. It's not always a piece of cake. We all have experienced challenges from time to time and for us feeling like we're coming into some emotional days ahead, and perhaps some of you are message is, reach out. Take the support if you need it. I have learned that it's ok to say, "It's not ok" The past few weeks we have received some news (not just about our daughter) but about my mother's diagnoses. (For confidentiality reasons I won't write anymore) I will state that "unexpected news" is sometimes hard to grasp. It's like you want to swallow but that knot feeling in your throat won't allow you too. Only if you could swallow and let the news settle - I know that feeling. As we continue to take one day at a time, not a moment goes by where I don't think about what lies ahead. I want to deliver this message not only to my mother, but for any one else facing scenarios that are scary and definitely challenging. Lets try and focus on the positives because believe me, me being a positive person (normally) I'm finding that challenging lately too. So you're not alone. Keeping busy helps. Most importantly, remember there is people out there that are supportive, and compassionate. There is people that have been there, they have the education and the positive experiences that we need to hear. Reach out. Those are my concluding thoughts today, especially to my mama and any one that has unexpected news hard to endure. "Love you to the moon and back, and we are here day and night" We will get through our next coming months all together. Until then - I understand the anxiety. One day at a time.....
 Our fire!
 Our classy dinners
 Off to the dock!
 Our evenings

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