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Saturday, August 23, 2014

It is that simple

Rathtrevor Beach Walk
Our ocean
Appreciation for our surroundings
 Englishman River Falls
Feels like the changing of seasons....

To end our summer we have been slipping out to our different local areas for walks, swimming and just simply enjoying our outdoors with short hikes. During our walk along side the beach (just located five minutes away) I took my mind to my favorite place. Hornby Island. The path, the trees and the ocean with areas of longer grass reminded me of this little Island I would love to retire on. It's honestly amazing our world. It doesn't matter what I do, or where I go.....I see beauty everywhere. It can really calm ones soul. I wanted to beach comb but because I was pushing a wheelchair, some of my boys did. They collected little shells that I will use to start some craft project ideas in the fall. I decided we will go back several times just collecting before the rain starts. You know....during my spare time while I write a book, home school and look after my family, we will incorporate crafts. Anything - we can accomplish if we put our minds to it! Approximately ten years ago I used to travel to different little Islands, just to collect what I needed to make natural wind chimes. I used a hand drill for hundreds of chimes that I used to sell, eventually I upgraded to a drill press and that was amazing! lol All the proceeds went to Child Haven. An organization that helps the five poorest countries in the world. One was Nepal. I not only sold the wind chimes, I made hundreds for weddings, I taught elementary classes the importance of giving. I miss those days. So while I walked with some of my children, I explained to them that we can do this again. Making a difference is the most simplest act one person can do. It doesn't have to be through donations, nor adopting. It can simply be teaching our children the act of giving. Looking outside our little boxes we live in, and realizing that there is a world of beauty, and understanding all of us are the same but with different circumstances. We can make differences. We can enjoy ourselves while making differences and sometimes that's the best part. One wish.......I hope when my children are adults, they remember the importance not only our world has to offer with its beauty, to continue to have compassion for what and who's in it. It's everywhere, and in anything - in every one. That's what I see when I look into our trees, while listening to the waves crashing into our shore. Here's a few questions to ask yourself. Have you ever (it doesn't matter your age) laid outside when the sun has gone down during a clear night and watched the stars? How about during the day while guessing what cloud looks like what? Have you stood against a storm with your arms held out, pushing your body against the wind? And have you danced in the rain!? Swam in the rain? Got so wet that it was elaborating!? Life is here to experience, life is here to give and to love. I don't know about you, but during my stay here on earth - I want to live it, and I want to make sure my children grow up with those needs to live and give too. My thoughts for this August 23rd day. We don't need material to enhance our lives, we just have to open our eyes and see what's before us. It's that simple.

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