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Sunday, June 29, 2014

"On the road again.........."

Les Miserables
 Happy Birthday Bonnie!
Imagine that! I had time to go to the theatre with a friend I haven't seen in awhile. We saw the live production of "Les Miserables" It was one of the most powerful performances I've seen. It was a long (almost three hour) show. It was phenomenal! If you haven't seen this live performance, it's a must! Les Miserables is showing until September 7th. It was a perfect Saturday!

Sunday was a busy day packing with lots of visiting from family and friends and a "Good luck" for our road trip! Here we are.....packed and on the road June 30th as planned with a packed van, a motorbike and eleven children singing, "On the road again.......are we there yet? I need to pee! I'm feeling car sick! On the road again.....are we there yet? He poked me! MOM are we there yet!?......on the road again......MOM when will we be there!? This is taking too long! MOM!.......are we there yet!? I'm hungry......oh..... on the road again.......MOM, mom, mom.....MOM! I had an accident mom......OH on the road again!" "Look kids there's a bear! Over there! Just kidding....on the road again!"

 Below is our luggage! Twelve white labelled bags with our names on it. Wrinkles? No worries, we can iron that out smoothing down our clothing while wearing them! The beauty of this method, it makes more room inside our van. Easy in and out storage!
Until I write again with a great post, enjoy the days given to you! Experience and make memories!
"On the road again"................. "MOM!" 
"Look kids, can you see that flying hubbering silver duck tape!?"
Ok......I'm kidding!
"On the road, it's suddenly peaceful!"

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