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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Love hate relationships

We love them and hate them at the same time. Electronics. Here I am writing on our school computer contemplating using it as mine. My computer died. Then while in safe mode, our teacher and I was trying to retrieve millions of pictures then "poof" a completely blacked out screen with no power. I am huge joker. In one way I was completely trying to be funny with my weird quirky sense of humor, then in another way I was completely serious announcing what a great you-tube video it would be titled, "15 ways to terminate a computer" 1. We could give it its last bath. 2. We could put it on the other side of our sons bike jump. 3. We could drag it behind a quad while it smashes into the sides of trees. 4. We could give it to our littlest daughter. 5. Play lap top basketball, shooting hoops with it. 6. We can drive over it - several times. 7. We can attach wheels to it and use it for a skate board. 8. We could see how many times it could handle being dropped out of a tree. 9. It can be a sling shot project. We can build a big sling shot, and we can see how far it could fly. 10. It can be our target while we throw rocks at it. 11. We could use it for a skim board. 12. It would make a great chair or resting stool. 13. It would make a great bmx jump while slanting it on a rock. 14. Use it for a trampoline. 15. Lastly stringing it from a nearby tree, filling it full of candy and smashing it like a pinata! OR we could just be more electronically humane and either donate it for refurbishing or recycling. Our thoughts sounded like a great you-tube adventure. 
All kidding aside regardless if I'm funny or not, electronics test my patience. There is a reason why my computers keyboard is loose and the enter button pops off. It's a love hate relationship. Speaking of love hate relationships. We recently purchased fish. They're very interesting to watch but the maintenance isn't a spectacular event that I like doing. I don't like the slime. The fish poop. It's a bit barbaric when one fish is chasing and eating another. However it's very cute watching our one daughter sitting beside the tank watching the fish swim while discussing what her fish is doing. Our daughter lost her fish the other night. It was sad. We didn't realize that when a fish is being eaten by another fish it means it's dying and has bacteria growing on it but now we know. Unfortunately we will have lots of trial and errors with our fish lives around here I think. Our daughter was happy however choosing another fish naming it flash. Our new EA (teacher) was wonderful. She jumped right in there taking over my position today while I was trying to catch a wild fish with a serving spoon! Oh boy. I had the fish net right there but a serving spoon I thought would be less traumatic. I just started getting nervous thinking the fish was going to jump out and do the floppy chicken in front of everyone. I personally don't like using the net because I've accidentally squished them inside trying to get them out. Darn fish anyways! A total love hate relationship for me! 
Another love hate relationship I have is with grocery shopping! I used to love going grocery shopping. Now because I'm constantly searching for some sales, it's a frustrating time consuming task! I'm also a creature of habit. When I shop at Costco and Superstore, I know exactly where I'm going, and where everything is. My astronomical big list usually consists of the same items. Although when I get there......Costco moved their items around. They must think it's funny. I worked at Costco and I know what they're doing. It's a sales tactic. The more you move the items around, the more the customers have to look.....they have to circle the whole store looking for that bottle of Heinz ketchup (for example) and in the meantime while looking for that bottle of ketchup, you've purchased some other products. Genius! It's very frustrating however when I have an agenda and I'm usually on a time limit. What's worse!.... I have favorite products. I purchase them all the time then all of a sudden it's gone. It's either gone for a little while, or gone for good. For example, we have been buying the large frozen canisters of frozen juice for years. Now they've been shortened into these little cans for the same price! What on earth am I suppose to do with that!? Superstore has completely thrown me for a loop. I know, I know - they're improving their store while changing absolutely everything. I am being patient with this but I can't find anything and every time I visit Superstore, it's changed again. "Oh hum" There went my love for grocery shopping not to mention Costco didn't think it was funny when I wheeled the cart into my wheelchair van. Jeeze - after all we're frequent shoppers, we should own our carts! 
Life definitely can throw love hate relationship curb balls at you. For me and especially if I'm "dis-liking" the situation, I start clowning around and throwing out jokes. For example, if I'm in the line up at the grocery store, and I'm waiting a long time.....I'm starting to feel slightly annoyed......but then I start chatting up every one that will talk to me. Some don't, they will actually frown at me like I'm crazy but heh, my children do that too so it doesn't bother me at all. What's really cool about changing that love hate relationship into a funnier scenario is (I believe) it not only lightens my frontal lobe, it changes every ones atmosphere and frontal lobes too! We can change frustration.....see I don't care about the computer and all the millions of pictures I lost, nor that the fish barbarically eat each other during sickness or that the grocery stores toy with my mind. I can merely move on after flushing the electronics, we can develop a nice fish graveyard out back and I have enough children to spread throughout our groceries stores looking for that bottle of ketchup instead of searching for it! For the products that don't exist anymore - thank you for saving my money because I'm not going to purchase baby cans of frozen juice for my family to make you richer. Water is in fact healthier anyways......adding a little lemon. 

Too conclude this semi-nonsense post (just because I wanted to write) we all have love-hate relationships. Most of us have a love-hate relationship within ourselves. The crucial fact is.... remembering what's important. Life is full of moments and it's on how we deal with them that changes our relationship with them. Whether its a computer, or a flopping fish or someone you know - we do have the power to change at least ourselves within that relationship. 

With all this being said.........and while yet this computer is doing funky things to my blog. Well - ok - it could be the operator cause I admit that I'm a computer killer. lol I might have some love hate relationships but I also make those relationships fun, full of love and I try very hard to just live within our moments as best as we can. You know,  I think people either love me or hate me too, and that's "A OK" - just don't use me as a pinata! 

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