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Thursday, June 19, 2014

"No more home school, let the adventures continue!"

During our public school strike, we haven't been lacking around here with educational learning and experiences! Homeschooling does make life easier and even this fort below is learning to be an architect! 
 The tree-fort is almost finished!
 Dinner is caught!
 Year end homeschooling fishing field trip! 

 Crab anyone!?
 And.....year end Qualicum Cheese Works field trip!
Named him/her "Cantik" meaning beautiful in Indonesian. 

 Tractor fun!
 Good idea!
Home schooling is absolutely amazing. There is so many opportunities. I'm learning that we can meet the British Columbia curriculum in very unique ways. Not to mention our home schooling team is awesome! I couldn't home school without everyone that who supports us. It was a bitter sweet day for me. I always crave summer with the relaxed routines, and I can't wait for our new adventures although.......when you have a support team that comes in daily throughout the week (teachers, educational assistants, occupational, speech and physio therapists) they become family. As our littlest daughter will yell, "You're home now!" and that I've tried to create. An atmosphere where everyone and anyone is welcome. I almost felt in disbelief that today was our last day but you know, if you know me - adventure is my middle name and that will continue. Onward we awaits us! 

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