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Sunday, June 8, 2014

I met my brothers & reconnected with my sistas!

This weekend was interesting! When I was in the seventh grade (age 12) my sister and I met our new friend. Unaware to us, 29 years later we're still friends, we're now all sista's. My sister and I attended our friend (our sista's) new house warming party. We haven't seen each other for several years. What I find interesting is.....after many years we met again - and it still felt like yesterday when we were playing cabbage patch dolls together. Saturday was a great day because I was able to reminisce about the good ole days like a day never passed.

On Sunday it was my Dad's 75th surprise birthday party. Before arriving we stopped at the Saratoga Speedway. Some of us raced ten laps while the rest of us were spectators.
Happy 75th Birthday Dad!
The highlight of Sunday was meeting my two brothers for the first time, and reconnecting with my older sister who I met once over fifteen years ago! There is a total of seven siblings. I only grew up with my one younger sister. A long story that isn't for my blog nor do I even know most of the details. What I do know is I have five other siblings! I know this is or could be a very sensitive topic for my family to read. (I know you're reading and I'm very honored that you are) "Please comment and share if you'd like" After reconnecting and meeting my siblings for the first time, I would love to move forward knowing them a lot more. I'm not sure why our pasts never connected us, but now that we're in our forties and fifties with nieces and nephews we've never met, it would be nice to become that family I always write about and dedicate myself too. We have an open door and I've always stated that "more is merrier" it's the only sentence in our vocabulary. There is one woman that organized (for most of us) to get together on our dad's birthday - it's my dad's wife, my other mother. She is such a great woman. It didn't matter about the past, it didn't matter if we were anxious and it didn't matter that we showed up with thirteen of our children. It was a day that not only needed to happen, it was a day for new beginnings. There was many family and friends that attended my dad's 75th birthday. One family friend "Jim" and his wife Diane were there. They have known our family for a long time. They watched me grow up. As I stood in front of Jim he said, "He waited for this day for a long time" Meaning for all of us siblings to meet......and as awkward as it was; I hope a door has been opened for new relationships and experiences. Thank you for allowing me to use our family pictures, and sharing just a glimpse of our family story. I'm grateful this weekend. It was a weekend reconnecting with friends, reconnecting with my older sister and meeting my brothers while celebrating who created us - our dad. And for my mom - you're an amazing woman accepting, and loving us all unconditionally because I know it's not easy. You've always been a very special lady to all of us, "Thank you" Our door is always open - please remember this my brothers and sisters......and Happy 75th Birthday Dad!
 My brother Joe and I
 The five out of seven siblings plus our Dad!
 Above Joe, Bill, Barbara, Dad, Moi & Steven
Above Joe, Moi, Dad, Barbara, Steven and Bill.


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