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Monday, May 5, 2014

This, that & May 10th!

I don't know about you but our weekend was productive! Friday night it was one of our sons' twelve birthday. It was a bowling bash! Saturday we split up. My husband and four of our boys went to the grand opening of the races, while I dropped off another four at the movies to watch the Amazing Spider- man. Then seven of us went grocery shopping while another spent the night at Grandma's house. Sunday was a great productive day. Our oldest daughter recently moved to Vancouver. So her room was claimed by "me" as my office room. Where I can work on anything - (written in previous posts) including Christmas! Yes, I'm getting a head start! There's lots of shifting and changes going on. Change is so good for every ones soul. Our oldest daughter is extremely happy residing in downtown Vancouver. Our second oldest son still remains in Fort St. John and plans on purchasing ten acres to build his own home. Life is evolving. As their mother, it's exciting to see their lives shift. Monday, eight went swimming (it was a pro-d day) while I had meetings to plan our 2014/2015 homeschooling year. Our home school is amazing. Today I learned that for next year our sixteen year old son can have personal fitness training and personal driving lessons. The possibilities are endless and that's what a school should be about - the possibilities! I love our home school! Besides the regular responsibilities and endless changes, I have been finding that hour a day to hike Notch Hill. The weather (even with the rain) has been spectacular! I don't have any inspirations, nor any enlightenment's during this post BUT I do have a reminder!

"This Saturday, May 10th at 4pm is our family potluck event! Bring a dish to share, bring tons of children, invite family, friends and come out! Meet other families, support adoption, support family. We hold these events twice a year to bring all of us together, however we became family - we need to celebrate it! Please RSVP me for more details, it's an event not to miss!"

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