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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Stairway to change

What is the absolutely number one most important word in our vocabulary that we all search for? It's the word that we want to happen every day the moment we awake. Everything we work towards, everything we strive for and teach our children on a daily basis equals what word? Happiness! So why is it so hard for some to accomplish or maintain? My most important mission is to make sure my children are happy, and to grow up feeling confident of themselves no matter who they've become, or what they look like. My oldest daughter told me that I was a good influence for my children and people around me because I teach them to be themselves and to indulge in what makes them happy. That's what's most important. I believe if it's healthy, and it's not harming yourself or anyone else - then live. I openly speak with my children all the time about being themselves. As a large family we have so many differences. Cultural, special needs, and interests. Right now I have my oldest daughter working and living in downtown Vancouver and she loves it! My second oldest son moved to Fort St. John and is now working in camps. He just recently bought his first brand new 2014 Toyota truck and he's full of tattoos. Do I care? Absolutely not. Can I, or will I judge? Absolutely not. What makes me happy is their happiness, and their strength to be who they are and where they want to be. It makes me feel I've done my job as their mother. I teach my children to be proud of not only themselves, but where they've come from and to be proud of their unique family. One fact I've seen with my children above all is they have compassion and acceptance for everyone. For differences. Regardless what the difference is. I hear too many people (from every walk) judging another and it's on my heart to educate that it doesn't matter what we look like, what we do for a living, where we live; only our hearts matter. Besides feeling confident with who we are.....the question will always remain, what makes us happy? For me it's being outdoors. It's hiking. It's experiencing and feeling educated. I'm happy feeling productive. Tonight my fifteen year old son and I accomplished 1,350 stairs within 30 minutes. We have been going to notch hill together. Any form of exercising releases endorphins that make us feel good, we feel happy. This is an hour a day I dedicate for my happiness that I spread to my children in hopes we all can conquer a lifestyle change together. During the stairs tonight my son and I met another man accomplishing 2,825 steps. He was explaining he was 230 pounds and feeling depressed, and unhealthy. So he started doing stairs. 565 steps twice a week. 1,130 x 2 the next week and now he's up to 2,825 steps 4 x a week loosing 30 pounds within two months. He also changed the way he eats, and he never eats after 7pm. After he shared his story while helping me inspire my son to do more stairs, he offered my son a flooring job and that he would teach my son to not only lay flooring but to help him with his lifestyle change. I found the one hour we were away bizarre. What are our odds meeting someone not only inspiring us with his personal life story but to offer future inspirations for my son! After all, children never listen to their parents anyways.....they listen to strangers. It was like God (or our universe) was looking down on us and presenting an opportunity in which my son needs! Opportunities, education (feeling important) equals confidence then happiness. It was a great hour. I've written a previous post called the "Golden Hour" I think that's the title. It has nothing to do about saving a life within that precious hour, it's about maintaining our life through happiness with an hour. An hour a day for ourselves is all we need while continuing to have a non-judgemental life, to accept everyone for who they are, to allow difference and to love each other as we're attended too - we all can live in harmony with peace and happiness. Did you know that judgement and criticism usually is activated because we aren't happy with ourselves? So to conclude - ask yourself, "Are you happy?" And if not, what will it take for you to change your life? To love others unconditionally? To love yourself!? To live as we are intended too? We are all uniquely different, all our answers to these questions are too.....the first step is to recognize our own faults, the next step is to work on change, then lastly to continue to step forward with dedication and commitment for not only our own happiness but to deliver it to others with acceptance, compassion and love. I've offered this before, and if you're interested (living in my area) and you want to join us with our happy hour on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 6-7pm we are conquering the stair endorphins, the other days are scattered hours to conquer the notch endorphins, please message me for timing. If this is not for you - figure it out and conquer what makes you happy. AND remember to spread that happiness around either by a smile, by paying it forward, and most importantly accepting every ones differences!

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