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Friday, May 2, 2014

Frustrating moments - "Keep your love on"

Happy Birthday to our twelve year old son today! Birthday's are a regular party around here! Now.... I have to express on how happy I am it's Friday! Not only is it Friday, it's a long weekend for us! No school on Monday! I have been so busy with our dedicated responsibilities that it reconfirms how important our time off is! Ha ha - time off from "those responsibilities" but our life is a 24/7 job maintaining our home, our family and continuing to live through experiencing! So taking the time, even if it's an hour a day for yourself is a must. Taking the time from the regular routine with your family is a must. (This truly is what makes our world go around) There is many times I'm feeling frustrated with something, and I contemplate my life during those moments asking, "Why!?" "What am I doing!?" or "What should I be doing!?" "How should I change this!?" During these moments of uncertainty and question, I re-evaluate everything around me. I think about my past, I think about how far my husband and I have come. I look for the positives even within those moments of frustration. There is so many positives surrounding our questionable lives. You're probably wondering where I'm going with this? I awoke feeling refreshed, and excited that it's Friday after a week of frustrating moments. YES - I can have frustrating moments in my life. (Not exactly sure why - lol) but they exist! I can't express enough that if you're going through something, it doesn't matter what it is - look around you, concentrate on all the positives. What can you find positive out of a negative situation?  Ask yourself, is this frustrating moment going to last the rest of my life? Most moments don't last forever and that's why it's called a "moment" and ultimately you're the one that controls it. I've been reading this book I borrowed from our educational assistant called, "Keep your love on!" with connection, communication and boundaries by Danny Silk. Keeping your love on is a mindset, like with anything within our thoughts, what we're thinking, feeling and/or experiencing, it all boils down to how we're going to internalize and outwardly express it.  Once you are completely aware of first recognizing your frustration, and understanding that frustration situation is only a moment, and reconfirming your positives, your life that circles around you will change. Once this force begins, it will build momentum in you life. You will be able to fully understand all your questions, and to do just about anything in your life. We have the power to change how we feel. This is what I've been learning for years although it's a constant identity (power) to always be aware of. I'm completely guilty forgetting while being frustrated within a moment - and that I have the power to create a different feeling, and atmosphere! So here I am still learning through my own experiences, and my own frustrations - frustrations that I can control within myself. "The situation maybe not so much" but on how I internalize, and on how I react I control. "Keeping your love on" is an excellent book to continue to keep reading, Danny Silk states, "Adults and children alike thrive in healthy relationships where it is safe to love and be loved, to know and be known. Yet for many, relationships are anything but safe, loving or intimate. They are defined by anxiety, manipulation, control, and conflict. The reason is that most people have never been trained to be powerful enough to keep their love on in the face of mistakes, pain and fear" AND this all starts with controlling our frustrations once we're feeling them escalate. In conclusion, I decided to write this post because we all live with frustrating moments. Challenging events. I want to reconfirm that no one is ever alone having questionable thoughts. "Did I make the right decisions?" "Should I be doing this!?" "What should I do?" Everything happens for a reason. Regardless if we make the wrong decisions, there is a light eventually that follows it. Now done with my babbling, it's Friday, a long weekend - the sun is shining for now! I feel refreshed because we're alive, and that in itself is something to be positive about. And remember; practice controlling on changing how you feel before reacting, "Keep your love on"

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