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Thursday, May 15, 2014

A proud moment!

A proud moment is when your child that can't walk, can ride a horse for the first time! Pictures released! First what happens is horse care, feeding, brushing and then leading the horse............

 Next is putting on the hat and getting on the horse!
 Our beautiful little daughter laughs and loves riding!
 Feeling secure with her daddy by her side, she always asks to go "Night night" on the horse. A relaxing request she will ask on a daily basis.
 Riding the horse feels natural. Our daughter looks so small!
 Like a Queen, our daughter tilts her hat for the camera!
 Therapeutic Horse riding is the best freedom our daughter has ever experienced!
Our littlest daughter has Spastic Quadriplegia Cerebral Palsy with cognitive delays. She's fully dependant and currently is in a wheelchair. She hates being confined in a walker. Although she loves moving. Speed. Go-carts and bikes. Riding a horse might be at a slower pace but she's free and feeling as high as a bird. It's not just a proud moment, it's a beautiful moment feeling what most of us can not - it's to fly. I'm so honoured to be her Mother. My daughter with all her challenges shows us on how to live and to be happy with what is........
Note - proper harnesses (transfer belts) are ordered now that we know our daughter is comfortable around horses. 

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