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Saturday, April 19, 2014

The tattle box


When you have a large family with many children you have to think outside, (well in this case) inside the box. Many of our children tattle tale on each other daily. The tattling is completely unnecessary. For example, "He is staring at me!" So we have come up with the "Tattle Tale Box" It's our new centre piece for our kitchen table. When the tattling is ridiculous, our children will have to write out their tattling, signing their name and entering inside our tattle box. At the end of the week, my husband and I will empty the box, and our children that haven't tattled, wins! A technique we're hoping will curb the unnecessary tattling! Having many children tattling is a common occurrence daily, and usually it's about getting their sibling in trouble for something not that important. Of course tattling can be an effective way to know important details, and incidents BUT usually this isn't the case. Nonetheless, this is something we're going to try in hopes to stop useless tattling. Another great fact about this box is; it will help our children academically read, write and spell while learning the difference between what's important to share and what's not. It will be monitored, and only our children with the "unnecessary" tattles will be asked to write and enter the tattle box. Parenting is interesting. You have to be creative, and try different ideas. Experiment and see what works........there is many hand books that help give ideas, but there is no handbook designed for every family. What I know for sure, there is no hand book for ours. lol So we will see what happens......

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