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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Productivity - love it - we can do anything!

Thursday, Friday and Saturday were great. While finishing up with home school, on Thursday afternoons two of our daughters attend therapy horse riding and care. Our littlest daughter with CP has never been on a horse. On Thursday (with assistance) she was riding on a horse for the first time! Unfortunately because my husband and the trainer was assisting, there was no pictures taken but I'm hoping I can share one with you soon! Something so simple yet so complicated for some can be one of the most memorable moments in ones life and that it was for our littlest daughter. On Friday after home schooling and piano lessons I attended a night out to "What woman want" It was a night of fashion shows, entertainment and hundreds of woman. It was good, interesting nonetheless. Then Saturday rising bright and early I made bannock for an AEP. (Adoption Education Panel) I speak on these panels a few times a year. I enjoy sharing our experience and knowledge after over ten years of adopting. I was very proud of my eight year old son that always attends with me. He plays the Native drum at the end, counting in his head he gets the beat every time. After our AEP, five of my boys attended a introductory session with Taekwondo. I signed up five of our boys today. We're very excited. The training will consist of physical fitness, discipline, respect, self-defence, self confidence, leadership, and mental alertness. It leads into competitions, and into the Olympics. This is perfect for our children. Our youngest is five that started today! Arriving home, my husband had a bon fire ready for our children to roast wieners. I automatically started thinking "summer can start tonight" and it did! Inquiring minds are always asking on how we do everything we do....even at the AEP, that's a common question. My answer, "One day at a time" With patience and organization you can do anything and I can't stress this enough. It seems we keep adding to our plate. Yes we do. Some days I think, "What are we doing?" "We can't do this anymore!" Then it's like I come back into my reality, and I know we can, like the little engine that could. Dedication once grasped is an amazing trait. Changing the subject, we have collected (just with our neighbors) $118.00 for our MS (Multiple Sclerosis) 10km run for April 27th. If you would like to support this fundraiser, I have the forms and you will receive a tax receipt in the mail. You can also support by attending the run. Please RSVP me for details! It's a great event! Our family supports MS because I have several family members that have MS including my younger sister. Regardless if it's MS, Cancer, or an Adoption Fundraiser, it's worth donating. ALSO please remember May 10th! Our adoption potluck event! I've received many RSVP's and it will be fun for everyone! I guarantee it! Too conclude, here is some pictures I'd like to share seen below.....

 Fried Bannock
 Two of our sons ready to go!
 Our weenie roast!
 "Grandma, can I please have a hot dog?!" "Please!?"
Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.
Gail Devers
If we can, you can - me.

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