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Thursday, April 17, 2014

"I'm a father!"

I can't express enough on how I'm loving a four day weekend! This was a busy week. Thursday was interesting. We triple booked our day. Besides homeschooling, we had horse riding (20 minutes away) Taekwondo (15 minutes away) plus one of our son's birthday parties was (45 minutes away) in the opposite direction. While juggling school, and our other responsibilities, planning our year end celebrations (fishing charters) and several different field trips my husband and I were obviously running in several directions. One of the funniest moments was when my birthday son's friend's father introduced himself to me. "Hello, I am Jeremy's father" and while shaking my hand I responded, "Nice to meet you, I am Landon's father" Now let me tell was an awkward moment. Meeting for the first time, probably the last, I completely messed up that introduction. He looked at me with a slight smirk, and I can tell he wasn't sure why my introduction came out that way....but while laughing I corrected myself saying, "I mean, I am his mother" Oh well.......first impressions isn't everything right!? Besides introducing myself as a man, and I could hardly speak English at my sons birthday party, I am now writing on my blog! There is no doubt there is days like today. All I can say other then "busy" - it was entertaining being around us. This week was exhausting. The celebration of life was life altering for me, and then our oldest daughter moved to Vancouver. Our second oldest daughter's boyfriend started a full time job, then he passed his learners for driving, and we are now currently looking for a nice two bedroom place for their little family to move into. This week felt like a whirlwind of changes. It's a bizarre feeling having adult children moving, while still raising children as young as two years old. Our family nest is shifting, and it's shifted enough that I now have my own craft and business room once again! "Can you vision that happy dance I'm now doing as a man!?" I can now continue writing my book! I can work on those albums I started years ago for each of our children. That's 16 personalized albums! I can guarantee within our busy life, gender and grammar confused I will finish what I've started! That's me. Concluding, I would like to wish everyone a wonderful Easter weekend.....leaving me with 12 unfinished baskets (too finish) for our younger kiddos! No problem.

 Easter Egg Grass Heads (waiting to grow hair)
 Our own sour cream container measuring scale
 "Happy Easter!"
"Happy Birthday to our 8 year old son!"

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