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Monday, April 21, 2014

Chocolate!? WHY!? lol

Easter morning was interesting. My husband and I decided the night before not to hide our children's Easter baskets out in our yard due to rain, so we hid them underneath a blanket at our kitchen table. (Seen Below) It was one of the most bizarre mornings. Our children sat around the table eating their breakfast, not even questioning what was underneath the blanket. After breakfast, they asked if they could go outside and look for their Easter baskets. I said, "sure" and off they went....after awhile they came in stating that they couldn't find anything! That's when I revealed the baskets on our kitchen table!
 The baskets! "TOO MUCH CHOCOLATE!"
 The chocolate Fondue! "WHAT WAS I THINKING?!"
 The Norwegian homemade whipping cream cone!
After attending a Easter Hunt we decided it's all about socks next Easter. Chocolate!? Sugar!? AND a raining weekend!? What were we thinking!? Cooped up children on sugar isn't a smart idea. Practical and smart solutions to substitute sugar is our future goals. Did you know the Easter Bunny was originally created from the German Lutherans? To celebrate the season of Easter tide, the Easter bunny would deliver eggs to "good" children, the same idea as Santa Claus. I think all of us (society) just follow suit. I know we follow (we're guilty) because it's fun developing childhood memories. Dreams, and magical moments equals a commercial money making world. I often state to my husband that we can still have the dreams, the memories and magical moments without the fantasy's of the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy.....but the legends will continue to exist within our home if my husband has anything to say about it. lol I guess I will eat chocolate and toast to that! 

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