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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

How full is your dash?

Have you considered what the line means between the birth and death date?

Today I watched an absolutely beautiful short video about a very small punctuation mark and its significance in our lives. The Dash, by Linda Ellis and Mac Anderson, is motivational, inspirational, thought provoking, and a great a-ha to get your creative juices going.

Have you ever thought about your life as a dash (-) that exists between your birth date, and the date you leave your physical experience on this earth? The hyphen that is found between these two important dates in your life contains so much more information than can be said in one eulogy. The dash is one size and one size fits all, but what you have contained in that single small line is determined by you and you alone.

In that small space of ink is all your dreams, your achievements, your gratitude, your forgiveness, your successes, your dreams, your goals, your passion, your fulfillment, your joy, your peace, and your balance. It links you to the friends you have made, the children you have nurtured, and the people you have touched. It holds the mark you leave behind in this world.

We don’t realize how punctuation can affect our lives until it is pointed out to us. It has been said that the period should be used sparingly, when writing our intentions and self-affirmations, as it tends to signify to the universe the finality of that thought—when thoughts are never final but always evolving. The dash or hyphen is not just a pause in written communication or a bridge between thoughts. It can signify all that we are in our physical and spiritual presence.

If you put your life’s journey into this perspective you will see that there is no room for regrets, fears, opinions of others, negative energy, and guilt because you want to stack that little line with only the best your life has to offer. There is absolutely no room for spiritual garbage.

So think about this tiny piece of punctuation and reflect on your life so far. Have you filled your dash with everything you have wanted to store there so far? What more can you accomplish or wish to strive for? Set an intention give some thought to your dreams and goals and see how you can branch out further from your comfort zone and grow and evolve into the perfect person you were born to be.

“They say such nice things about people
at their funerals that it makes me sad
to realize that I’m going to miss
mine by just a few days.”
-Garrison Keillor

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