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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Endless discoveries

This season equals more hiking! I'm so excited to find new places, to introduce more of our children to the great outdoors! Backpacking into the wilderness is a complete surreal feeling. Being in the middle of no where, with no services - it's complete silence except for the crackling of the trees, and the whistling of the birds. Hiking with sixty pound packs for hours, (sometimes all day) is a feeling of accomplishment like no other. After a day of backpacking, then setting up your tent and eventually relaxing on the ground is honestly amazing! I am so excited! Our first hiking trip is in May - so I've been preparing. Not only am I gearing up for over night hiking trips, I have been researching new magical places for day excursions. Have you heard about the hole in the wall near Port Alberni? Apparently it's a must see and "all of us" will head there on a day trip soon!

Have you heard of the wheelchair accessible Centennial Trail located near the Strathcona Provincial Park. It's a paradise accessible for every-body located on Mt. Washington!

How about the Wickaninnish Bog Walk located in Tofino?

Now....I have hiked Cape Scott. As I remember it, it was a long hike. Although I found out something totally awesome! For the less adventurous, and if you only have a weekend - you can use a re-surfaced trail which ends at the shore of San Josef Bay! This is on my definite list with some of our children! I have been to several places in our world and I have to say; we have the same beauty right here on our own beaches! If you've never been to Cape Scott - you have to go! The picture seen below is just a glimpse of many amazing breath taking sights!


Another amazing place accessible by wheelchair is the Ed MacGregor Park located in Sooke. An elevated boardwalk that has switchbacks through forests and into the ocean. Also located in Sooke, is the Sooke Potholes. Potholes of fresh water heated by the sun can also easily be accessed with strollers.

I could go on and on with tons of places to walk in for a day, or hike in for a weekend, or hike in for a week. We live in an area "Vancouver Island" that beauty is at our doorstep. I believe the great outdoors is the best environment! For me, an hour a day outside refreshes my spirit, can you imagine what a hike would do!? Tis the season....I have been preparing. At Costco they have smaller packs that are great for 10-15 year olds for $60.00 or an adult that just wants to do a day hike. AND I was extremely excited to pick up my pocket rocket, an ultralight, fast boiling canister stove that weighs only 3 oz and a 2 person light weight pot set that weighs 21.3 oz! (Seen Below) This is all we will need hiking, and yes even for a week and for many people!

You're probably wondering how on earth will I cook for several people with this? We're out in the wilderness tired from hiking with nothing better to do then sit down over a pocket rocket and cook two meals at a time. It's not an issue. Rule of thumb, you carry your own dishes. 1 fork, 1 spoon, 1 bowl and 1 cup. Use and wash. Leave the electronics at home except for the camera....and we will be ready for endless discoveries! Are you as excited as I am!? I have lots more places I could share, but please, I would love to hear about your hidden wonders, and where they're located. Lets not keep beauty to ourselves.......and if you're ever interested in joining us, let me know! My pocket rocket can handle you!

Wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit. - Edward Abbey

There is many people living in condominiums in a city that have never experienced the true beauty and surreal atmosphere of the great outdoors. I know people that believe we are hill-billies (believe it or not) but they admitted they admired our life. I wouldn't trade my yard for theirs.....I embrace what's right in front of us to its fullest potential and that's what I call living.

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