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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Travel itch

I've been feeling kind of confined within the walls of my empire. Usually I don't mind. Most of the time I can be housebound three to four days before turning into a squirrel.

Usually my outside errands and a occasional movie settles me but lately I'm ready for a vacation. My husband is great. He can handle a week if I'm away. He's not interested in traveling. So which leads me searching for a cheap one week vacation to settle my desires and calm my soul. We will see what transpires......
Other then that.....our regular routine continues and we're all slowly getting healthy. It's been difficult getting back into the routine of school, especially in the mornings. This morning I awoke dreaming about hiking. Unprepared and leading a novice group of hikers into cougar country in the dark! It was very bizarre. During my morning tea I thought that subconsciously my dream reflected just on my mood this week. Who knows but dreams are usually triggered by emotions, and ideas when we're awake. Quite interesting on how I wanted to take a group of people out into a dangerous cougar populated wilderness not being prepared. My husband asked, "Are you trying to eliminate individuals in your life!?" (Ha ha) Not exactly. I thought it's all about craving an adventure....I love being a mother, but I also love spontaneous more self designed experiences too! I guess that time has arrived to plan something just for me. It's definitely not a selfish thought....especially when my life 24/7 is wrapped around my family. It's good to self medicate doing something for yourself once in awhile or the cougars could come prowling. lol

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