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Friday, January 17, 2014

2014 = plans & spontaneity = great times!

Not sure what happened, I baked all day today (on a Friday) which is a bizarre switch in my routine! This week blew by as fast as blowing dandelion seeds but it's to be expected because during the middle of our week four of us attended the Keith Urban concert. It was great. My oldest daughter was kissed on the cheek by Keith Urban. A big ordeal when he's your daughter's idol. Unfortunately there's no pictures to prove this beloved memory except for this close up shot of Keith playing next to her in the crowd. It was an excellent concert.

While our day in Vancouver we visited Granville Island where I found jaw breakers for our children.
 See my thumb? I thought I was ordering a little salad wrap! This was three meals in one!
 We were in luck with beautiful weather! It's amazing walking in the city with thousands of other people. What felt nice was being unknown, and we were all unique to each other with any style, with any personality, it didn't matter. We seemed to just walk, except each other, ALL differences and I find Vancouver city extremely friendly. Living in a small community (knowing absolutely everyone) it's a complete different atmosphere. A nice change for a day!
 Experience, and enjoy life! It doesn't have to be extravagant. From a concert........ a local beach playing baseball with your float devices!
or to skating with the generals, with our local hockey team! 
(Last weekend)
If we can, we all can! Experience everything!
"Plan, plan, plan or just practice spontaneity, it will equal great times!"

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