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Wednesday, January 22, 2014


I've been questioning my life. Mainly questioning what else can I do with it? Or what else should I be doing with my life? Sometimes I feel like being a mother of sixteen children isn't enough. Crazy? I don't know what's crazy except that I must have this drive, this energy, this mission that I haven't full filled yet. Children, animals, family and friends, homeschooling, first aid, writing, you name it I'm probably doing it. I was expressing my thoughts to a friend recently and she sent me a wonderful email I thought I would share. (I hope she doesn't mind but I had to share) I had to share because it brought me back to perspective. I think for anyone, at points in our lives, we all feel from time to time that there must be more to our life then what we're living. There must be right?! I'm not writing about living, experiencing and enjoying life within this post, I'm writing about purpose. I honestly believe we're all here to accomplish and make differences according to our gifts given. I often wonder if I'm using mine to my fullest potential. Should I be doing something more? I'm not even exactly sure why I'm questioning myself at this point except that "at times" there must be more I can do, give and/or excel at. This email I received was just what I needed. It was perfect. It was about achievement. She reminded me to take some time to reflect on what I've achieved up until now. She reminded me that it's often easy to forget where I started from and how far I've come in my life. Wow. How true. After reading her email, I immediately humbled myself. I reflected back from my beginning, right back when I received my first typewriter, to having my first child. Where I began. It was a road of challenges, a rocky road of unknowns to a road of "YES" achievements through hard work, and dedication to myself, for my life - who I am today! "To honor, to be grateful for this extraordinary journey that is my life", she said. A big deep breath, a smile and a huge lift left my shoulders leaving me not only thankful for who I am, thankful for my family, I am thankful for this universe bringing me friends like her. I truly believe we meet people for a reason, and things happen for a reason in our life - everything unfolds eventually onto why, when, how, where and then life just makes sense. In times of difficulty, or question - always remember your achievements. Thank you Sherry for your words of encouragement, and to remind me that I've been on my path from my beginning. All of us are achievers, we just need to reflect.

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