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Friday, January 10, 2014

My Berf-Day!

January 10th a little baby girl was born with blond curly hair. A little girl who was shy for most of her life. She wrote stories on her typewriter and played with her homemade cabbage patch dolls. This little girl was a tom boy, playing in the forest, climbing trees and making mud patties. This little girl turned into a working young lady while furthering herself with first aid. She wanted a larger family. That's exactly what she received after marrying her second husband. After having three birth children, her and her husband adopted thirteen more. Now she's 41 - that's me! Now I'm not so shy. I still love hiking in the forest, writing and occasionally climbing trees! I'm all that I write and more. I'm spontaneous and I love new adventures. I love challenges. Most of the time, I am positive, upbeat and "I think I'm pretty cool as a mother" Today is my birthday! It already started out great! I was able to have a hot shower. I had some of our children giggling this morning because I was running around stating I had a hot shower for my birf-day! (sounding just as I spelt it) A hot shower for my birf-day! I'm very blessed. I have a great family and great friends! I have experienced and will continue to experience our world while educating myself. I love education. I love life. I love writing. I love people. I love witnessing the good in people. I believe that everything happens for a reason. I've learned to accept what I can not, to forgive and to live within the moment. To contradict that....I also plan for our future, and for mine - living while we are here is my number one message always. So for today I wanted to write during my morning tea, to start my day doing what I love, writing you! So here it comes, another year of laughter and tears, of wishes and wonders. Another year of being and becoming, of living and loving. Another year of celebrating today's special moments and tomorrow's special dreams, so that this won't be just "another" year - it will be OUR best years yet! OR it'll suck! It's not like I'm psychic. Positive energy and hope for the best! Lets make everyday a birthday! A new day. Our choices are on us! That's my message today.....And while turning into a squirrel in my previous post, it lead to another spontaneous decision on this mothers part. I'm bringing one of our adult children to Los Cabos for 6 days in March! Every one of my children will experience this world with me - a promise I made. I'm at my fourth child, only twelve more experiences to go then I attend to keep my own dream - Nepal. Trekking the Himalayas and experiencing the Nepalese culture has and will always be my future goal. Keep your dreams, experience life with your family and without ( you need to soothe your own soul, to he happy within yourself before you can be with others)....I can't express enough -to live! Now to conclude this post, my mother gave me a guitar years ago on my birthday. Then my mother gave me a second guitar on this birthday. It's a sign. I've learned a few chords that I pick. I love guitar picking. I would love to play some of Eric Clapton's songs one day, like "Tears in heaven" and "Wild Horses" by the Rolling Stones. It's never too late to start something new, remember every day is a new day like a Berf-day!

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