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Monday, January 13, 2014

Sunrises start my days!

I went for a 2km run this morning. A run that I will do every morning adding kilometers. While running watching the sun rise further into the sky, watching the clouds start to roll in, while breathing in that fresh crisp air I asked myself,  "Why do I occasionally stop doing fitness outdoors!?" I am probably on the top of the most busiest woman's list. I have aches and pains including tennis elbow. I'm up every night, several times a night with some of my children. You're getting my point right? I have lots of excuses I can use. Here's why I don't use any of my excuses......getting up and getting started, putting on those running shoes is the hardest. Dedication for motivation is hard to maintain and once you slip, it's hard to start over again. It's a vicious habit not to start. I know. Excuses are negative ideas we tell ourselves onto why we can't do something. We waste more time finding excuses then actually accomplishing the action. Staying healthy, staying physically active and keeping a positive attitude can be just as easy as finding excuses. It feels great to start your day outdoors. The positive about getting up earlier (if you need too, to accomplish your own start) is you have added more hours to your day. Honestly to get your metabolism and mental state twirling on the right path, getting fresh air for 30 minutes in your morning will create a productive positive day. I don't know about you but when my day is productive and I've accomplished lots without wasting time, I'm a happy camper. While writing my post, I'm multi-tasking speaking with some of my older children about life. About health. About experiencing. About education and work. I find it amazing that our younger generation doesn't grasp the concept of living. They seem to just exist within the walls of our home. As a family we venture together, and if I (as their mother) help motivate for activities to happen, they happen but as individuals - there is no motivation to get moving with our younger generation. I keep expressing that I'm going to live my life, I'm going to run, I'm going to be pro-active with no meaningless words attached to my existence. My life is created only by me. I hope that my children are actually listening when I preach about life and on how important it is not to waste it. I always get arguments about how the world is ending anyway - "news flash", that's why we need to live each day to our fullest potentials! It makes no sense to sit around waiting for the end of our world (a huge lame excuse) but rather enjoy, and embrace what's been given to us. Those are my inspirational thoughts for always....this mother by her own actions, will show the younger generation what living is all about! I don't have any excuses to miss a sunrise, or to miss out on even one day!

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