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Saturday, January 18, 2014


MEH a slang internet word that I mumble once in awhile that's equivalent to a shoulder shrug. I don't know much of the internet lingo but some words I have built into my vocabulary. "MEH" is one of them. Every day things change. Lately I've been trying to heal my left tennis elbow. Today I felt my right hip pinch. It's the Sacroiliac joint. The last time I had troubles with this joint, I couldn't bend or hardly move for five days! SO as much as I'm an upbeat positive type of person, I'm feeling a set back coming - its in my joints! I've been working to correct Osteopenia in my spine so hopefully my joints aren't telling me something different! Besides shrugging my shoulders feeling "MEH" today, I've been thinking about the future. Something you might not know about me.....years and years ago I started learning the Nepalese language. I'm not fluent, although I know enough to acknowledge, to have manners and call you my friend. Nepal is still and will remain my number one Country to visit on my bucket list. Do you believe in making bucket lists? (I loved the movie) Every day can change, we get sick, or we can pinch a hip - that's why it's so important to enjoy our health, our lives while we can. If you were to create a bucket list for your future, what would the first ten wishes that would be on it? Here are mine.......1. Nepal. 2. Meeting Oprah. 3. Finishing my book. 4. Having ultimate inner peace and learn to meditate. 5. Complete physical health. 6. Hiking 20 destinations. 7. Fluently able to play my guitar. 8. Having solitude for one month completely alone. 9. To back pack across several different Countries. 10. To make a noticeable difference in people's lives...... My feeling of "MEH" today inspired future thoughts and endeavours. For me my thoughts usually become reality. Life should be something to look forward too......that's my big kick lately! Eliminate the negatives. Invite the positives. Enjoy family and friends that support, that are positive and are loyal in our lives. Maybe all this "live" posts are coming from being 41? (Not that I'm old) I'm just ready to accomplish more, explore, experience and semi-selfishly take the 10% I had and change that to a 20% for me leaving the 80% for my duties as a wife and mother. My husband and I discussed this and yes a shift is happening for the both of us. For the better. We have to remember we're not in slavery raising children, that we are individuals too. Happy healthy parents equals more success and that we need raising a larger more challenging family. In fact, raising children period! So "MEH" days can be inspiring too.....just think about establishing a bucket list!

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