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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dude, where's my car?!

I bought this hat for our littlest daughter. It was perfect. Although I should have been wearing the hat today. June is busy. No doubt about that and I didn't want to write about how busy it is either. So for a few days I was scrambling inside my mind on what I should write other then being "busy" Until today. This week we're full of several different appointments. Mainly medical related. Yesterday (Monday) I brought our daughter into the hospital for what I thought was her EEG results to find out we were seeing a Orthopedic surgeon. From there we continued on with her hip x-rays. The EEG results are still a mystery. Also this week for four nights we've been doing a video study throughout the night. Video taping our daughter's sleep behaviours to hopefully figure out the cause of her night awakenings. Then adding year end IEP appointments, birthdays, traveling to Vancouver to Victoria to attending First Nation dinners while getting ready for the public school year end camping trip (that I'm attending) while preparing our own trailer. There's more but who cares right? We're all busy and especially within the month of June! So moving was the first of our three day Neuro-assessment testing for one of our children. This is the third child within a couple of months. I really like our private Neurologist. She's absolutely great. Today in fact she was beyond great, she was excellent. I had a half an hour to spare before heading back to our Neurologists office to pick up our son for lunch. So as brilliant as I am I thought I would take this opportunity to run. So I parked my car on a side road, and starting running. I turned around and ran back to my car. NO CAR! So I thought...maybe it's up a street or two. So I ran further. Then I continued to run further.... By now it's raining buckets, a down pour. In my brilliant mind I thought I must of missed it. So I turned around and ran back the other way. NO CAR! I stood on the side walk texting some friends and checking the time. I was now late to pick up my son from the Neurologist! $@#%!#!! I don't like being late for anything. My anxiety heightened, I started to think that maybe I parked it in an area where it was towed away. My husband called all the towing companies and no, they towed no car. So I continued to "run around" while thinking and asking myself, "Where's my car!?" I called our Neurologist and broke the news to her. It went something like this....."Heh, it's Carrie. I lost my car" LMAO "What?" she answered. "Yes, I lost my car and I'm on the side of the road looking for it" She was awesome.....she responded, "We're on our way" Our Neurologist picked me up, she brought my son and for an hour we drove around looking for my car. Finally coming to the conclusion it must of been stolen! I was starting to panic. Not only was I panicking, our Neurologist was too! My purse with absolutely everything was in my car! I didn't care about the car, I cared about my purse! My sister arrived, I jumped into her car and our Neurologist and my son left to continue on with her assessment. We continued to search while back at home my husband was calling the police. Then all of a sudden we hear honking from behind us and there was our Neurologist and my son honking and yelling out her car window, "We found your car!" So thanking my sister, returning to our Neurologists car we drove off locating my car! Wow, how embarrassing. It was sitting where I left it. On a side street. Just not where I thought. Note to self, take a good look at your surroundings. I ran off too quickly. I blame suburbia, lol but fortunately I was in good hands with our Neurologist! What are the odds!? I told her that I should be assessed too and in fact, she should just come over for dinner! At least my car should be nestled safely in our driveway! During today, I should have been wearing that hat above, "I scream" because at points I wanted too! It reminded me of the time I lost our big gold member (our van) on BC Ferries! Who does that?! I didn't check the location, the level - nothing and just strolled off. Again I learned something today, take notes, (if not notes) pictures so you can locate where you've parked your car! Many had a good laugh on me today but that's why I'm here, to entertain and to continuously dye my grey hair! Later it was a BIG joke, "Dude, where's mom's car!?" and not to mention I should be checked for alzheimer's or dementia. Simple conclusion, I didn't look to exactly where I parked it before running off, and I'm not used to suburbia country.

And get this.....another friend tipped me about an app that's actually called, "Dude, where's my car?" The application allows you to set your exact parking spot. You can use google navigation to find your exact location later. A very cool idea for individuals that loose their cars! On a better note, at least I don't loose my kids! My husband told me, "You should have explained, you were having car trouble - instead of explaining the embarrassing truth!"  BUT I might be still looking!
(A laugh on me)

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