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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

"A squirrel of a world until the pump broke!"

We went camping for a week. It was packed full of activities, swimming, boating, hiking to the waterfalls above and running around with headlamps at night. Our children had tons of fun. Mostly we met wonderful people. It seems everywhere we go, we're meeting people that are amazing. This one gentlemen who camps at the same place every year was such a wonderful person to our children. He even brought four of our boys zip lining and taught them to make fire from flint. He shared his life stories as he's been working over seas with our Canadian army, he also works for our local fire and rescue, jumping out of helicopters, fighting was great for our children to learn about his experiences. Our next door neighbors, four lovely people were also great to talk too, they enjoyed watching our children play. When we were packing to leave, our goodbyes were sad. We also had a friendly squirrel. (as seen above) This little squirrel was constantly filling up on sunflower seeds from the palms of our children's hands. It was very cute. It was an excellent week! Then we arrived home to no water. Our well pump cracked and just now, we're finally up and running with an expense! You know, we take it for granted - water. AND we really needed water yesterday and today. I ended up at the laundry mat from 11-4pm. While I was there my flip flop broke and I couldn't wear it at all. So as I was walking around with 20 loads of laundry and wearing one shoe, a nice lady offered me a pair. Another nice person helping out a stranger. I'm just amazed on how there is so many really nice genuine people out there. I always, always say, "Don't be afraid to talk to someone" They might have some insight or a SHOE! Since we've been home, slightly frustrated with no water it's been rather calm. Our children were so tired from camping that they just wanted to be inside and watch a movie. Hang out in their bedrooms and some slept the hours I wished I could! Their sleep definitely helped considering they couldn't even use a toilet! On our way back from camping I visited a friend of ours who is out camping and she was incredible, she offered for our children to be bathed in her trailer, she made them sandwiches and really came to our rescue for cleanliness. I'm starting to figure out who our true friends are and I believe our true friends will remain in our life with all our differences. Accept and love us no matter what path we wander down. This is another quick post as I've been extremely busy but I definitely wanted to thank our friends and family for their support. I also want to thank the generosity and kindness we've experienced from strangers. This can be a squirrel of a world; humbling and appreciating having our hearts open.

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