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Monday, July 30, 2012

Heh Bob!

A few days ago our family went on a small hike and it turned into three times around, a total of a 9 km run for some of us. Later my husband dropped four of us off 8 km away from home. We were ready and warmed up to run. It was an adventure that I will never forget. (Tripping and falling into traffic) It was graceful and immediately I jumped up and kept running like it never happened! I decided that running with children side by side, on one side then the other side was dangerous. There was no leader. It reminded me when I was a child playing hop-scotch but this was attempting to hop around children while running. Not a good idea. I think I will run on the street alone and if my children are interested in hiking through trails, climbing little mountains then all the power to them. We have been heading up Notch hill daily lately. I had one son join me yesterday but no one tonight. Yesterday we met an older man named "Bob" He explained he's been hiking this 5 km hill because he's been diagnosed with Diabetes and has been instructed to loose weight. At the top he was a bit over heated with no water. So I gave him mine. I was proceeding to carry on my way when Bob asked to join us and he explained that he never completed the full trail. Of course I said, "Sure" After all, Bob seemed harmless and in my mind I thought I could take him if I had too! (Poor Bob) I felt compelled to hold my running back. I was worried about leaving Bob behind. I had thoughts of Bob collapsing in the trail with heightened or low glucose levels or high blood pressure. I thought to myself......"I just did find him sitting over heated explaining he is diabetic" I couldn't leave Bob! On our way down, he seemed like a very nice man. We parted ways until tonight. I was alone hiking up and running through the trails. It was getting dark. Normally I don't have any issues with feelings of being "spooked" I had our two dogs with me and one ran off into the forest. I called and called him. My other dog was sitting there barking. I stood in the middle of no where it seemed.... the trail was dark.....I looked behind me, all around me and up on the rock cliffs just searching for a possible cougar or bear. The area was still, completely silent except for the rustle of my dog that ran off. I scolded him and I started running down the hill as fast as I could right into Bob! "Heh Bob!" I yelled happy to see him. He was just finishing his loop and I was feeling so happy to see him again. Yet yesterday I was skeptical of Bob, I was watching my back and now today - he was the light in my spooky trail! A moment in time where I knew; Bob was just Bob and there was no wild animals after me. Amazing how our minds can control a situation where there was no situation at all.

"Fear makes the wolf bigger than he is" - German Proverb

 "Our imagination flies - we are its shadow on the earth"

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