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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Crazy for each other

I am one of the most sane people I know. (Ha ha) Seriously, I don't believe I'm in denial and honestly I am not crazy. Crazy is a word that seems to be spoken on a daily basis about my husband and I. Obviously most don't dedicate their life to raising multiple children, so of course what other word can anyone use for us!? I will state that it does irritate me hearing it over and over again. I thought perhaps I will just start calling us crazy and blend in with everyone else's opinions. We have lost friends and some of our outside family members we hardly see. We never get invites for dinner unless it's from another family like us - crazy. (I guess we attend to migrate to our same kind) As of late, weird people seem to be everywhere. I'm coming to the conclusion that we do attract each other. Although I do want to point out what "crazy" really means. I know it's the most easiest word to describe someone that is completely doing something not normal. Typically raising fifteen children isn't normal now-a-days but it's not crazy either. The definition of "crazy" can mean mentally deranged, demented, insane, senseless, impractical and totally unsound. Mmmmm.......this doesn't sound like my husband and I. We are "crazy" about children but we're very capable of maintaining some sense on how to function on a daily basis. What I find "crazy" is the individuals that continue to use the word "crazy" to define us. I awoke this morning to at least four of our children running to give me a hug. I am constantly asked from our children to come with me doing errands. We have children that are so compassionate towards each other that it makes me smile every day. They accept each others differences. They have learned to accept any ones differences outside our family. Today I dropped two of our children off at camp for a week for their first time. I teared walking away. Our life is full of what I call "Crazy for each other" When we were out camping, I slept next to my youngest daughter. She has this leg kick for comfort. It happens almost all night long. For me, it's not too comforting but just laying next to her watching her sleep was enough for me. When she awoke, she smiled back at me knowing I was there. Just simple little moments all day long. I was tickling one of our sons tonight, his giggle is so cute. It puts a true warmth in my heart listening to our children laugh. I know why individuals call us "crazy" It's not all giggles and love all the time. We have challenges, children that don't appreciate, teenagers that think running is their best option, we have had lots of outside influence from birth families and lots of slander against us and it might continue while a delinquent or two tries to figure out their independence and blame absolutely everything on us. (In which we won't provide or condone such behavior) So.... I would say, "That is the true meaning of "crazy" as it's completely senseless and totally unsound on the teenagers part but for my husband and I, we move forward" (We aren't crazy) Eventually that part of "crazy" settles. Then of course we have the cost of raising a large family, the work involved on a daily basis - that is "crazy" because it's completely demented. (Ha ha) I just finished putting away 10 loads of laundry BUT laundry is always a dance party - so it's fun. When I think about my life......thinking back only having three children; I think how easy that would of been. I don't do easy. If that makes me "crazy" I will embrace the word. I will love the fact that I am crazy! Basically to conclude, my husband and I do something many don't. (We have many children) Our friends have many children. Our children will grow up either departing ways or remain connected for all our life. Either way we have dedicated ourselves to provide a better life then they once had. To give our children a family with a Mother and a Father. We are at a point in our life that it doesn't matter what anyone thinks, believes and judges against us because they don't know what "crazy" is. We have learned to ignore. We follow our hearts and we will continue to do what we think what's best for us, our family and a child. If that's "crazy" it's "crazy for each other"

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