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Friday, July 20, 2012

Slightly interesting

We just returned from camping! We camped with some friends of ours and had an amazing and interesting fun-filled week! This was a different area without service. Initially I was worried having eleven children with me and no power but it was completely suitable for our group! Our children rode their bikes, went river tubing, played at the near by park, fished for cray fish with wiener tongs, ran around at night with glow sticks lighting up slugs, went for walks, picked huckleberries and had a blast with our friends children. One of our sons started collecting cans, day after day he collected cans for a new bike. My father camped for a few days in the same area, then came by every day visiting. One day my father (their grandpa) took our son that was collecting cans to the bottle depot. He collected and received cans for a total of $36.00! Once the money came in, it became competition with some of our other sons and it was a can collecting expedition! Then my cousin that I haven't seen for probably ten years came by.....he took three of our sons for one day out trout fishing. In the above picture we cooked trout for dinner! During the course of our camping week many interesting situations arose. We met many different individuals. I won't write about every individual that we met but one bizarre situation was when a man was demanding one of our older sons picture because he was chasing a deer. For this man...he was serious that chasing deer was against the law. Now, I don't know what animal you're not allowed to chase but in this scenario we were on a walk and my son was riding his bike. The deer was scampering through the forest more likely with a few babes following. My thoughts was that they were spooked, the deer ran. Knowing my son, he probably intentionally spooked them, who knows....but this man was following my son with his camera. Finally I said, "Stop taking pictures of my children" Then he jumped on his own bike and rode off saying, "I'll find out" That was weird. In fact there was many weird incidences since Friday the 13th when we left! I was sitting in the post office minding my own business and some strange man was staring into my van window. I had eleven of my children with me. I thought to myself that this man wanted something......"something right?!" So I rolled down my window and asked, "Can I help you?" Then he proceeded to say, "Mind your own business B____!" Loud enough for my whole van to hear. My one son wide eyed was looking at me saying, "What?" I'm thinking....."I dunno" Then the man proceeded to make the coo-coo sign to me.......Apparently I was missing something. So from then on our week was slightly interesting. Our children had a blast.....we even celebrated our daughters fifth birthday out camping. Then there was a night where my toilet and sinks were backed up. My father and mother was visiting during this evening. My father pulled out the trailer septic hose that lead to a bucket. My mother was in the trailer plunging the toilet while adding water. I was on the receiving end. All I could think about was the movie RV with Robyn Williams where the septic flew into the air splashing down everywhere onto his head trying to drain his raw sewage tank! Our friend from afar was making comments that she would like to be a quest writer on my blog writing about this experience. (Ha ha) In the end, the tank outlet was plugged. I was saved! Another memory to write and talk about. The bucket with only traces of water was placed under our trailer. The next morning I was sniffing all my children wondering who did it!!!??? I even sniffed myself! I could not figure out why I smelled urine everywhere. I even asked our friend to come and sniff! Finally.......hours was the bucket underneath our trailer. At one point I thought I was going a little bit insane because I was asking and sniffing our children that don't have accidents! Anyways moving on......we love him dearly; our friend was making nicknames for our children that lasted the whole week! We had Gouda, Smokey Taco, Chimichonga, Dwizzle, Mo and Hawk and Ham Bone. One of his daughters was Mickey. I know that these names will remain for years to come and what's important is it's a memory that will stick forever. Lighting up slugs with glow-sticks, having nicknames and being kids. Telling stories like I do about random individuals showing up either looking into windows or taking pictures. Carefully of course, life seems to be an adventure especially with us. My memories of being a child is fond, so I thank my parents. Now when I see our children having memories of their own, it makes me happy because that's the healthy cycle that should happen. Having healthy and yes, somewhat bizarre memories that bring them into their adulthood, so they can share and start with my grandchildren. to be slightly interesting. I can't believe we've been camping all summer long so far! I can't believe I'm writing this blog right now as tired as I am! Good-night or Good-day my friends. Again, it's been slightly interesting.

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