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Thursday, July 26, 2012

"Light bulb lit our 15"

You've probably noticed and most likely have been waiting for me to explain why my fourteen and holding has changed to fifteen and holding. We have a new son. (Surprise) or no (Surprise) I try to keep my blog respectfully confidential. With stating that, I will just simply share - we have a new son. We weren't actively looking for another child but if you've been following; you know that I believe things happen for a reason. It could be our higher power (God) (Our universe) but whatever it is, he/she has brought us our tenth son. He's been with us all summer, in fact, it's been over a month! I will tell you this.....this is our path. It's somewhat natural for all of us to adapt to another child. We know how to not only council but to openly love unconditionally. For our tenth son - there was no way we could say, "No" He has this inner beauty I can see deep within his eyes. I see so much potential. Of course he's that typical boy throwing balls in the wrong direction, sticking gum underneath the kitchen table but I get him. I would want to save my gum too! You know, right, wrong or indifferent - life happens and makes turns in directions that sometimes we are very unaware of but there is significant reasons for everything. Another interesting part in life is, sometimes it can take ten years of say.... meeting someone, or doing something before that significant reason surfaces. Our paths can take different turns but I think our paths are already laid out right from our beginning. The reason I write this is because I've seen some endings from the start of a path, now that ending moves forward to the new highlighted path. If that makes any sense?! Basically that saying, "Everything happens for a reason" becomes that centre of a light bulb. You automatically know the decision or that certain path you're on because you've recognized it. All this path talk makes sense to us regarding our new son. All I can say is, "I thank the individual bringing him to us" I know this person was lead from the beginning with love to find his perfect family in a different way. In fact most of our children have unique stories on how they ended up a "Hohnstein" Our mission is to provide their home (as long as they want it), to love - to intensely parent as we've been guilty for and build memories in hopes they remember and become successful adults and parents for their own children. I keep telling our children over and over that when they live here, I am their Mother - we are family forever. When they are forty years old, I hope to be alive to still be their mother. I would be eighty counting from our youngest. So there is a good possibility. My husband didn't just build a big home for raising our children, he built a big home because we're going to need it forever too. We are parents that recognize that some of our children will remain with us within their adulthood. What was really interesting, our oldest son in front of his girlfriend of one year was saying, "We all are going to live together forever in this house" Funny.....he's turning nineteen in a month and I thought, "I don't think your significant other will enjoy that" I can look well into the future thinking our path might be this way but there is always a direction turn, just sometimes we don't know when and the why sometimes is very clear and sometimes the why doesn't become clear until another turn or until that path ends. All I know is, we need to follow our hearts, listen to our inner voices and do what's best for ourselves and our children. My husband and I completely know we're on a path that isn't straight nor paved perfectly but we're also two people that seem to ride the turbulence with stride. So long story longer, it's like the sky has opened up and given us our tenth son. His path like many of our children's has been long with several different turns but now this is home, a new path; a place where his story begins with us. Welcome aboard beautiful......we will do our best to provide the best life possible as long as you want it! Hopefully that's forever with us as your family! I say this because many of our children have attachment disorders and I've learned that some will leave either in their teen or young adult years without looking back. For us, we will remain here on our own semi-rocky road making different turns when it's meant to be and making path changes accordingly especially when that light bulb lights the way!

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