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Thursday, June 21, 2012

"Our own boats"

Our last two weeks of June are packed. Then we are completely booked until October. Amazing how that happens. Now that summer is here, I won't be blogging as much........we are an active traveling family experiencing as much as possible. There is no time to contemplate about what we're going to do, we just go and do it. Although it doesn't matter what we do, where we are or who we're with, there is always a child or two complaining about their boredom. We've had comments from our children's friends that state, "They want to live here" Some of our children are bored and are bored absolutely everywhere. What it is is that children and teenagers have no idea what they have, they have no appreciation and it HAS to be greener on the other side. I've always said to some of our friends that we should switch up children - we did do that months ago for a few days. I'm talking about for a week or more. If the child doesn't have attachment issues, I suspect they would want to go back home because the boredom exists everywhere. Everywhere inside their own mind. Another thought of mine was bringing some of our children hiking. I love the outdoors, I love hiking. I know I will receive massive amounts of complaints stating, "This is boring" "This is gay" "Are we there yet?" "Can we go home?" "I'm hungry" "I'm thirsty" We might have a few tears, a sprained ankle, an accident because pooping in your own homemade hole isn't too appealing. We might have a few arguments, fights with setting up a tent - oh boy - this doesn't sound like a great idea for me, especially when I love hiking. I find it very relaxing and peaceful BUT I would give up all that serene atmosphere to teach our children appreciation. A good week outdoors back packing with no electronics, more work and the solitude of "just us" would scare most but I'm into trying anything to develop some brain improvements. I also have developed my own 747 jet, I can hear it go by and my mind remains clear of every negative, argumentative and complaining word. It's like a form of a light switch, turning on and off when needed. I'm sure most parents can become besides themselves with the constant mind boggling spew that flys out of some children's mouths. It creates tension, headaches and stress within the parents brain. Well......remember that 747 works and I heard one time......"don't jump on their boat" with a child on a arguing rampage. State your piece or peace, leave it at that and let your jet plane fly by. I just took nine of our children to the dentist, one in which vomited all over, down the shirt, the pants, the running shoes, down the hallway - right into the garbage can that was located next to the toilet. (Go-figure) In the hair, hands, on the arms - it was truly amazing actually. We were there for three hours. After that, we had time to quickly come home, have lunch, (one had a bath) and move on to our next appointment that involved ten of our children. The dreaded shots. As you can tell - our last few weeks are genuinely jammed full of everything so we can somewhat relax in the summer. So long story longer, while we were in the health unit getting shots one after another, one of our children decided that it was the best time to "try" and argue about receiving the shot. The nurse afterwords asked me, "How do you remain so calm?" For a moment I did have to question that myself as she didn't realize what happened prior - mopping up vomit throughout a whole office and who knows what else because I forgot by my answer was and always is, "I don't jump in their boat" It's one of the simplest but meaningful statements I've ever heard that makes a huge difference in my life as a Mother. It takes time inside our minds to build different strengths. It's like meditating. We choose on how to deal with situations, either it can become completely chaotic in our mind which develops more chaos OR we as the adult, state our piece or peace, then let the 747 jet take over. Practice makes perfect and for me, I've practiced this for years and years. (Not that I'm perfect) But usually I'm calm and I'm on my own boat. Now this is where I get back to my idea of back packing (hiking) with some of our children. I have this idea of not only transplanting that appreciation part into their brains because they don't have a toilet or garbage can to do their business but to teach them to try and control their own boredom. Developing appreciation, connecting with themselves, listening to their inner side that is completely ignored, handling stress, tension and learning that life isn't boring. What can I do if I'm bored? What can I do on my own boat? If my idea fails while out in the bush at least when they arrive home, they will have some appreciation and less moments of boredom for awhile. They will have some memories, and if anything, something more to complain about. Either way, it's not only an idea to do with children or teenagers, it's a great way as a parent to establish your own brain control. (I find the outdoors with solitude is the best medicine and where most of my thoughts become a reality) How are we going to deal with the constant argumentative child? OR whatever scenario that will sneak know, I can complain about a lot of things.........and wholey cadoodle hoppers is there some bizarre things but it is all in our upstairs thoughts, feelings and making that decision for ourselves and our children on who's allowed on what boat. If that makes any sense. "We are in control what rocks inside ourselves" - me. 

 "Toleration is the greatest gift of the mind; it requires the same effort of the brain that it takes to balance oneself on a bicycle" - Helen Keller

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