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Thursday, June 14, 2012

"Another parent day!"

Father's Day. A day to celebrate our Fathers. I'm not sure if this story is factual or not although throughout my life I've explained if I were to be a boy, I would have been named after my father. "Gary" just so happens I was born a girl and named "Carrie" so in fact I was named after my father regardless of my gender. I remember my Dad coming home after work every day in his hard hat. He worked decades for a logging company near our home. My sister and I would always go fishing, hunting and camping with our father. He was a hard working provider. He was my only father for half my life and then my step father joined our family. Also a hard working fisherman who dedicated himself adding two of us girls into his life. I recognize both these fathers as my Dads today. Fathers can consist of birth fathers, step fathers, adoptive fathers either legally and/or fathers that are there emotionally and physically for a child. I believe Father's Day should generally recognise who's been there for a child. I know it must be difficult for some fathers during this day because they know in their heart they have a child somewhere.......but a father is someone who has dedicated themselves to a child. I feel for my ex-husband as he's a father to two of our children. He lost all those years and continues to loose future years because he hasn't and doesn't make an effort. I find this sad although he knows he had chances and Father's Day for him is merely only a reminder of what he lost and continues to loose. Any day that celebrates can be difficult for some for many reasons and sometimes reasons that aren't necessarily their fault. So I do wish everyone a "Happy Father's Day" but most importantly I wish the fathers "their day" that have dedicated their life to a child. In my life, that is my father Gary, my other father Stanley and of course my husband who definitely dedicates his life daily for all his children. A father that works continuous to make every day better for our children. He has built our home, (rooms for every child) he has made our yard a play land, he spends 95% of his time devoting himself to make sure our children are happy, healthy and safe. He loves and sheds tears. I witness all this on a daily basis and to me, that is a father. As my children's mother, I feel very confidant that they have a father like my husband when I'm away. He's genuine. My list would be long naming wonderful fathers, they know who they are. (Shawn, George, Dave, Darryl, Doug and millions more!) I wish you all a wonderful day and if there isn't a father to celebrate with, recognise the parent that's in your life because days like these are for people who parent and love in general. "Happy Father's Day Parents!"

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