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Sunday, June 24, 2012

"Everything happens for a reason"

We had an excellent weekend. Two of our daughters went to camp, one of our friends had a birthday (Happy Birthday!) I visited another friend that has been helping me with ideas for our children's homeschooling program come September. My step dad is back from fishing, it's his birthday today! (Happy Birthday) He broke his arm and is in a full arm cast but he's home safe and sound! We were invited to another adoptive parents house who I've been eager to meet. I've known of her for over a decade, our paths crossed very closely at times but it wasn't until now, our families emerged. It was a nice evening. I was able to hold a beautiful little baby. (It's not very often I get to hold babies) So it was really nice. All our children had fun. Our oldest son who's turning 19 joined us too! I appreciated that immensely. This weekend was full of events.... a weekend that I would say, "Everything happens for a reason" Everything we did moved smoothly into place. Even my dads broken arm is a sign to retire from commercial fishing and he is. As I was traveling at one point throughout this weekend I stopped in at this art store. I've never been there but was compelled to stop. I'm in the midst of re-decorating somewhat and I fell in love with some canvas art. I was offered an excellent deal and instantly I purchased art that I was not thinking of buying within that particular moment. Sometimes my days just happen like that. Like meeting people that become significant in our lives. That's where I really believe in the saying, "Everything happens for a reason" Usually those reasons unfold later even if we like it or the end of every path there is an answer. We learn and experience, we live, we love, we feel and we find answers. God or no God whatever any ones belief system is, there is a presence of hope, faith and behind every path of "everything happens for a reason" is a higher power showing us our way. I do believe regardless on how hard or easy our path can be; on the other end is all the answers onto why. I've been collecting elephants lately for no reason. I'm not someone that fixates on objects or believe they have any significant value to them or to change our life. We do collect and present our home in a multi-cultural way so that I hope everyone feels welcome entering. So now that I have elephants in our home, I wanted to find out their meaning and not just that they're a big beautiful animal that interacts with humans in the most profound way but symbolically they represent strength, honor, stability and patience. We took some of our children to an imax that rescued baby elephants and it was amazing on how this large animal is kind, loyal and on how it communicates with us. They're wonderful. (No wonder I'm drawn to them) Anyways - oddly, I'm not exactly sure where I'm going with this post except that it seems everything we do in our life, entering stores, meeting people, reading a book, re-decorating, going fishing (breaking an arm) - I find it's all defining our futures. Every little pinch is happening for a reason.......I wonder if you ever thought about life that way? Today when you awoke, did you think about whatever you do today will change your life tomorrow?

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