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Tuesday, June 26, 2012


WOW! That's all I can say. Today we went on The Singing Coho First Nations Canoe. It was AWESOME! I felt so honored to be a part of this short Tribal Journey. The singing coho does group and family journeys to different islands, for day trips or even weeks on end trips! Canoeing such as this was challenging. It reminded me of hiking except on water. Everyone in the canoe represents a family and we learned how to stroke together, work together against all odds. Today was a short version of what could be an awesome ten day journey, paddling through tide, wind and different weather conditions reaching each individual destination to camp. When the wind was blowing towards us, we paddled harder, encouraging each other to keep paddling. It was my type of fun! I like challenges. I like the idea that there is something on the otherside, or on the top of a mountain or across the water - it's just rewarding getting there. Some of our boys enjoyed themselves too.....they paddled with all their strength, the harder we paddled, the faster we became. When I asked them would they do it again, it was "YES" Today they wind picked up and for saftey conditions, we had to paddle back to land or we would have ended up farther then anticipated. On land we counted, 1,2 and 3 and we all picked up and moved the canoe twenty steps, then again and again until it was at a place for loading. We all worked together without complaints. We learned that the canoe is a place where you not only learn to work together, you learn about yourself and others along the journey. "Nutsamawt" was said, which means everyone working together as one. Two eagles were in a tree above, it was like they were cheering us on. The whole day was absolutely wonderful. A family is not blood related, it is not just the people that live in your home, it really IS the people that work together, that support and that is there for each other. Another day to clarify that for me and people think our family is bet yah! It's larger then anyone thinks! Nutsamawt!

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