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Thursday, July 7, 2011


We've been busy with summer day trips and getting ready for our attempt to camp. So if my posts aren't being written, I apologise.

I do have a couple "cute" child comments I continue to chuckle about! Our littlest son pinches his eye shut with his two fingers to make a wink and says, "One eye, one eye"

Then our five year old comes running out of the bathroom yelling, "Someone pooed cookies Mom!" It was leftover cereal.

When our littlest daughter first met her Grandfather, she kissed him over and over again. He was fishing for months and just returned, they met for the first time July 7th.

Then to top the day, watching about four of our sons laughing hysterically while playing a Pyramid Lego game together.

Witnessing our children's interaction with each other keeps me smiling. We were at a lake where a day camp arrived. The day camp kids threw tons of sticks and garbage into the water. Our children decided to clean up the lake taking out the garbage on their own. It was their own idea working together like a task force team!

This is all we need to witness to make a day brighter. (The simple things) It makes me smile knowing that our children have each other, today, tomorrow and hopefully always.

Have a great summer building memories!

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  1. How wonderful to see your family making lovely memories together!