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Sunday, July 24, 2011


I was reading the August 2011 Oprah Magazine about believing your intuition. I can honestly say I've fallen prey to not following my intuitions several times in my life. Oprah quotes, "For all the major moves in my life, I've trusted my instincts" There's been times where I didn't listen to my "gut feelings" which lead to life changes that was hard to undo. That little inner voice inside us, is usually always right. It brought my attention to adoption. Actually everything can relate to adoption for me. It reminded me of comments stating, "You're crazy" but my inner voice "too adopt" was always right. It's the same as the saying "Follow your heart" There's not much question but to follow what's best for you, for your family or relationship. "Learn to hear what your inner voice is telling you, and your whole world changes" - Oprah. While I write this I think about the impacts of what adoption does to a child that never really wanted to be adopted. It's a difficult process on how much do we as parents and professionals allow an older child their decision to not approve of an adoption. A twelve year old for example; how does anyone really know if it's the right choice to adopt or not if the child's inner voice says, "No" I know and have always stated that adoption (a family) is what's best, it is. When we first starting adopting we always said, "We don't want to adopt a child that doesn't want to be adopted" We want to adopt children that want and need a family. With writing this, I know every child needs a stable family, a place to call home forever but sometimes when an older child says, "No" we should listen to his/her first response. Maybe later they will revisit the idea, maybe never but I believe older children have a voice to be heard and not listening results in future regrets. Adoption isn't Disneyland, nor should the child be persuaded into a life long placement when their responses are "No" (Everything I write is my own opinion from experience, not as a professional) Basically for us, if it doesn't feel right, if a child says, "no" to their adoption placement, we won't proceed. I also understand that some of my readers haven't adopted or are in the process to adopt. I really stress to listen to your and the child/children being considered for adoption inner voice. Now that I added adoption to our inner voices, intuition is for everything. One of my faults is questioning my own inner voice. For example; it's either you like someone or not by first meeting, would you become their friend? Would you take the chance even though something inside you says, "Don't?"Intuition is knowing without knowing. I read in the Oprah Magazine to get a little notebook, a little book to fit in your pocket or purse. When you have a feeling about something, write it down. ( I have no problem with this) lol Then later when that feeling turns out to be correct, you'll know your inner instincts are working. Like anything practice listening to yourself and it will strengthen your inner abilities. I also don't think anyone should just leap and buy a plane ticket out of here either, every decision should be rationalized over with your inner thoughts. If it doesn't feel right, don't do it or at least wait until it does. Maybe it's just not the right time, the right time will present itself. Patience is a virtue with most life's dealings. Everything happens for a reason. Good or indifferent we learn from our mistakes. Believe me I have many, I'm still learning and still learning to listen to my inner voice. I remember many times when I didn't listen to how I was feeling about something, about somebody, to find out later I was right. By then, the damage was done. Now I'm learning to listen to myself, feeling more confident that "yes" I'm usually right with what my inner voice tells me. I also think we develop these abilities with age, experience, really understanding and tuning into ourselves. A lot of what I've learned came from my own "alone time" hiking, being out alone with nature. I know that sounds weird but being happy with yourself, being able to be alone happily, peacefully helps develop your inner strengths. It really does. I'm definitely guilty for being a thinker, this is another reason why I write, I need to release my thoughts. With thinking; learning to control worry, stress and listening to my inner voice is practice. So with saying that, I'm going to post this knowing my inner thoughts says so in hopes it helps when you question yourself what to do or not to do regardless of any situation. And for now, I'm not jumping onto an airplane just yet!

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