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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Today's surprise - Creativity!

Do you ever pack at picnic, get into your vehicle and drive? AND you have no idea where you are going? Leisurely you stop for gas, purchase some slushes and head into a direction of surprise?! This is what I do with our children quite often. Destination unknown here we come. Today it was Cameron Lake. What's interesting about Cameron Lake is there is speculations that a sea serpent lives in the deep depths of these waters. Is it true? I don't believe it's been proven but who knows what creatures we haven't yet discovered. Every time we either swim or drive by, the topic of conversation is the Loch -ness Monster. Cameron Lake seems to have many stories behind its eery presence such as crashing planes found years later with the bodies still en tack because of its cold and deep atmosphere. I personally don't know any truth behind this lake. It's just a beautiful spot to spend the day. The lake is clear and clean. It's a spot where you can relax without crowds. In fact, today we were the only ones there until 2pm! It was peaceful and our children had plenty of fun together catching and releasing bullhead fish, floating around and swimming. Our twelve and eleven year old spent hours building a hut made out of sticks, bark, pine cones and leaves. Beside his house was a little fire and a bridge. I love witnessing our children having and developing their imaginations through art. In our home we have pictures taken and blown up of what I call, designed art. You can find shell village pictures in our bathroom that I did during a hike. I suggested to our children to continue to build their villages and I will take pictures so we can blow them up to display in our home. (Some that are shared above) I've often written about how important it is to our children to see their pictures hanging on our walls, it is equally important and if not more so displaying their art work. We have their art masking our kitchen cabinet and now their creations framed and displayed forever for all to see. Our journey today really wasn't anything about Cameron Lake nor swimming, it was about creativity. As their Mother, I was impressed. I explained that this represents art, your thoughts designed this and people like me display it in our homes. (Not just because you're my children) When I look at this little house built of sticks, it automatically brings me thinking, "Little house in the Prairie" There can or could be always a story behind imagination. So today I didn't surprise our children, they surprised me with their creativity!

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