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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Clearing that cloud!

Lately I feel like we need to start over on a new day everyday. There is always something. Do you ever feel like it doesn't matter what you do, what you say or what you believe, the season or the year is just fighting against you!? I felt like that this weekend. Well actually.....for the past year. Battling MRSA is serious. We are into our fifth month now. Then to add, this weekend was a complete vomit fest. This flu along with a nasty head cold came out of no where. Slamming our family one after another and including my husband who is battling his own medical condition. Of course with his immune system he was the one suffering the most loosing another eight pounds. Now leaving him urinating blood. This week he will go for more tests to make sure his kidneys aren't infected and his white cell count hasn't escalated. This weekend was a constant mess. Up and down the hallways was vomit while running out of buckets and toilets. It's bad enough to have a few children sick but when you have multiple special needs children sick is another scenario! Once again I was feeling on that low side.....thinking to myself that there must be this black cloud that likes testing us. It definitely tests me. Inside I feel anger building. I know my patience has been limited but honestly.... really!? A super bug!? Vomit and diarrhea literally everywhere! We even specifically explained to one child that you can use the toilet or this bucket. Nope, it was splashed everywhere but. I think this would test any ones patience, not just mine. Believe me it was a powerful quickly spreading germ with no mercy, with no sleep. I look around and our home is clean, organized and very well maintained daily. Sometimes I just don't get it. I proceeded to open the windows and flush out that bad air repeatedly thinking about that black cloud. We can wake up every day with a new day however I'm becoming skeptical. I can clean, I can freshen the air and now I just need to take a extremely high blowing air compressor to move that cloud! Some of us did manage to get out today to the Qualicum Cheese Works. It was a breath of fresh cow manure but better then the alternative. AND I will have a beautiful post next because that's my next mission. It is to clear that cloud! 

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  1. Oh Jeese, just what you didn't need. Hope you don't get sick too.