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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

"The glue"

Before my husband became ill we never really spent one on one time together. Our focus was all about our children and our home. Building that perfect atmosphere for our family. It worked. We were both focused completely on our children. Our outings were mostly family orientated. We have switched this up. My husband and I are trying to get out more together. Recognizing us as "the glue" we need to spend more time. I surprised my husband with a Chemainus Theater experience and an evening away. It was nice and we soon realized even twenty four hours was too short! (Ha ha) 

It's true what's said. It usually takes a life changing event, or an illness to recognize what's truly important. What's right there in front of you. 

 "It is so amazing when someone comes into your life and you expect nothing out of it but suddenly they're right in front of you and it's everything you needed" - unknown.

We are hoping to have more opportunities because after all, we are "The glue" that molds our family together. We can't loose sight of that.

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