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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

We not only love, we live.

From sky to sea some of us enjoyed a day adventure. Funny, I decided to take a different route through the logging roads towards Port Renfrew. We ended up momentarily lost. High in the mountains where active logging was happening. Luckily we were given directions back on our right path.
 We ventured towards Sombrio Beach looking for the Sacred Water Fall. This trail (seen below) was absolutely stunning. The pine needles that fell off the trees resembled the red dirt that's in California. The sun was the guiding light. 
 We didn't hike for long before approaching this bridge. A wonderful opportunity for a beautiful picture while relaxing. 
 Sombrio Beach is one of many trail heads near Port Renfrew. A section of the Juan de Fuca Marine Trail. Four of our children enjoyed this day hike carrying packs. We had a discussion about over night and longer hikes in the future. 
 Along the beach were several caves. Little nature nooks to relax and play in. 
 One of my sons found this rock that resembled an owl, or a ghost. We packed this rock, and many others back home. 
 Can you believe that this was October 5th? My boys had a great time jumping the ocean waves, and yes - swimming!
 Inukshuks were everywhere. We even left our navigation points. 
 Washing up in the river after swimming in the ocean. 
 This sign below is located near the Sacred Water fall. The Pacheedaht First Nation has four reserve lands. Definitely a beautiful land to respect and honor.
 Here we are standing beside the Sacred Water fall!

 And all four of my boys were brave enough to shower!
 I wasn't that brave....
 This says, "Love is the answer"
To conclude this epic journey, love is not the only answer - living is. I truly believe experiencing the outdoors, taking adventures when you can is the best therapy. We are a complex family and we survive because we not only love, we live. 


  1. Awesome! Get Pictures! The outdoors are truly the best thing.

  2. I love this post! I always say that nature is my natural antidepressant. Days spent in nature like this are the kind I look forward to the most.