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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Emily's Angels update!

Shells, shells and more shells. We attended the Farmers Market Craft Fair in Qualicum and within three hours we raised $610.00 dollars selling "Emily's Angels" and our shell Christmas trees. It was not only a fun morning for all of us, it was memorable. Emily's Angels was featured in our local paper, that in itself brought readers to purchase their angel. We had individuals come in their own wheelchairs. We had pictures being taken. It was almost overwhelming. I caught myself tearing a few times. After the market, a few supporters shared our story and their purchases over the internet. From there the orders started coming in. All morning Sunday I delivered Emily's Angels and the shell Christmas trees. Now with non stop orders, and invites to future craft shows, we are well on our way to what once was a dream, to reality. I now believe we will make our $5000.00 goal to purchase Emily an all terrain special needs jogging stroller, adapted just for her. A huge THANK YOU to our local public school, Nanoose Bay Elementary! We have angel purchases coming in weekly and beautiful hand drawn pictures from the students for Emily's happy book! I love the fact that people support, and genuinely care for strangers. Our world is a beautiful place with beautiful people. Here are some pictures from our first appearance! 

Our table
Our trees!
 "A few of us" What's funny about this below picture is we didn't plan to wear the same stripped shirts. It just happened. 
 Emily loved selling her angels! 
 Our community is amazing. People are!
To date, we have raised $1200.00!
Thank you for everyone who has supported and continues to support our Emily!

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