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Sunday, November 23, 2014

What have we been up too!?

Another Birthday Celebration!
Happy Birthday to our little man! 3 yrs old!
 Santa came to visit. I think with the excitement, he was slapped in the face! 
 Then there was slight confusion with our granddaughter! 
 However I knew who Santa was!
 Even the dogs were involved!
 Christmas decorating happened this weekend!
"Some of us still believe in the magic of Christmas!" 
I know it's not technically December "yet" but within a blink it will be... AND we are ready! 

Remember, our annual Christmas Adoption Party is on Dec 13th at the Nanoose Place Hall starting at 4pm! It's a potluck, and please bring a gift per child with their first and last names on it for Santa's bag! There will be a talent sign up sheet, a craft table, dancing and much much more! An event NOT to miss! The children love it, and it's a great time to meet other families. And please, invite your children's grandparents, and others that support, and/or are interested in adoption! More the merrier! 

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