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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Halloween Party Reflection

The spooky Halloween potluck dinner
 Dare to dip?
 My grand babe and I
 Bobbing for apples....
 Our little man scored an apple!
 One of our sons eating in our kitchen
 Some of the kiddo's playing Halloween bingo!
 Spooky punch with a floating ice hand!
 Spooky pumpkin cheese dip!
 Anyone dare to eat a deviled spider egg!?
 Rice Krispie pumpkins
 Frightening candy treats!
 If you get past the spiders, you will be able to eat!

Our Halloween party was a success. The children had a blast. I would like to thank every one that attended, and shared spooky treats. A huge thank you to Jessica, who organized the spooky games and kept our party going! Our games consisted of bobbing for apples, Halloween bingo, graveyard, we had a craft table to make skeleton hands, freeze dance, pin the boo on the ghost and Halloween charades. She's one amazing woman! Today (Sunday) it was a clean-up day, now we're back to Monday! I hope your weekend was as fun as ours! "Happy Halloween!" 

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