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Monday, March 17, 2014

Ya estoy de vuelta!

"I'm back!" I'm not exactly sure where I should begin. Los Cabos is beautiful. Hot with lots of history. My oldest daughter and I swam with the dolphins, relaxed at the resort pool, we went shopping and enjoyed the night life. Los Cabos is located at the Southern tip of the Mexico's Baja California Peninsula. The famous arch is the focal point of Los Cabos which is only reachable by boat. I was sea sick for most of the tour on the bottom glass boat but nonetheless I enjoyed the sights. Our six day stay was enough for me. I reacted to the sun, my skin swelled and I suffered from sun stroke for at least two days.  Los Cabos atmosphere reminds me of Cancun. An expensive, richer place within Mexico. Endless resorts. Tons of tourists. Would I suggest to experience these places? Yes but only once because I feel once you've been there, you've seen it, experienced it and that's enough resort lifestyle. At least that's my opinion. My daughter and I made some good memories together but we found out that we vacation differently. For me, I want to experience the locals. The lifestyle, the culture and too learn while traveling. It's an age gap thing. Many younger adults want the sun, the party, and the entertaining attractions. I want to trek the Himalayas, experience the city of Kathmandu, travel through Thailand and India. "Our next trip I would love to go to Cuba and experience their culture, and the orphanages" Eventually go to Africa with one of our sons. Resorts are great for relaxation. I can't relax. (I was out at 7am everyday) I love new enlightenment's. I loved having this experience with my oldest daughter with many fond memories I will forever hold in my heart, even with any of our challenges along the way. During our travel back we were feeling exhausted. Our flight was delayed two hours, then it was even longer due to turbulence. During arrival we had only forty five minutes to get through customs, find our luggage, run to a taxi to catch the last departing ferry. It was stressful. I found myself "sighing" a lot with anxiety. We made it with five minutes to spare. During our ferry ride we heard there was wind warnings - major inclement weather. (Ferry's from the other side had to turn around half way) Lucky for us during the slow two and a half ferry ride we made it by 1:30am! During the ferry ride we met a wonderful lady that was on our same flight living in our area, I offered her a ride home exchanging phone numbers. While reaching my parked van we found out it was side swiped. It was hit from the tail light, straight through along the corner panel leaving no drivers side mirror. It was still drivable but after an ICBC visit today there was $1700.00 worth of damage. Well.....what do you do!? Not much. My husband's not only a mechanic he's an auto body technician and it's another job on his list to fix. He's amazing. While I was away everyone at home came down with a fever with vomiting. All week long. My husband is the most amazing father and husband to be able to look after our home even when everyone is sick. He has the patience of a saint. I feel very appreciative to have such an amazing husband. I'm very thankful for him. As I write on my first day home, I have had three broken hours sleep total. I moved a long today on adrenaline while swaying as if I've been on a ship for weeks. I apologize now if my post is grammatically erred and all over the place BUT I wanted to write regardless if the screen is moving or not and to share some amazing pictures! Enjoy! Life -love -it!

 Dinosaur drinking water seen above!
 "I love the kind hearted smart Dolphins!"

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