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Sunday, March 2, 2014

"This and the that"

As I was writing a home school report my husband was playing the good ole eighties. My youngest daughter was dancing while being supported. Can you say, "Distraction!" First off I hate writing home school reports. Secondly my youngest daughter dancing is always a great party. Thirdly the eighties! Bon Jovy, Cinderella, Poison, AC DC, Motley Crue, Madonna to name a few.......Iron Maiden! My report turned into the "save" button on my computer while enjoying my atmosphere. Not only do I home school daily Monday to Friday, I write weekly reports for five of our children. least favorite thing to do. (Reporting) One fact I know, life will carry on without my weekly report. Sunday night consisted of starting my late "weekly report", it ended up with the eighties and this blog! Besides getting side tracked, our weekend was productive. Productivity I love! Saturday was a 6km hike around a local lake, and Sunday was swimming, skating and a 4km run. Something I have been learning about life, is too live it. Experience it. And honestly don't sweat the reports, the small stuff! Yes we all have responsibilities and responsibilities once accomplished, just live. Enjoy. We all need to take the time for each other, and if it means not meeting a reporting period - so what. We only have this life to live with each other. If people don't like it....who cares. lol When I look around witnessing everyone in my life......then feeling "busy" because I have to do this and I have to do that. I'm realizing just sometimes that the "this and the that" doesn't matter. It's who is right in front of us that matters. Dancing to the eighties with my daughter. Taking the time to walk 6km with some of my children. Playing "wrestling" with my grand daughter. Remember life is progressing, evolving, moving and the most important fact is living, health, and loving each other. Yes this mother is behind in her reports. Honestly - it will get done tomorrow when I'm not dancing with my daughter, wrestling with my grandchild. My family comes first.

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