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Monday, March 24, 2014


Update - I'm still sick. Which brought my attention to our needs. I'm 41 years old, (not old) although what defines old? And because we're "older" should our needs be less? When children are sick they need TLC, cuddling and reassuring that everything is going to be ok. When I get sick, usually it passes within two-three days tops. This has been eight days and counting. I am a independent "almost" unstoppable person - usually. This week I must say brought me back to my childhood days where I just wanted my needs met. I wanted to be reassured that everything is going to be ok. That eventually this multi-virus attacking my system would just disappear one morning. My inner child, or my young heart just wanted to curl up with yes, "ice cubes" to soothe my throat while watching a sappy movie. To have my parent bring me soup, tylenol and check my temperature. I know, I know....I definitely have a wonderful husband for this task and it's a role that your significant partner takes over for your parent although there is nothing like just needing a mother, or a father. A parental figure that makes everything better. So here I am - 41 thinking about "needs" which brings my attention back to how important family really is. Even at 41 we need family support. Throughout my week I carried on slugging away at what I needed to do because parenting doesn't stop for the sick around here but I felt the need for some TLC, that was evident. I thought about the extreme adoptions. Where young adults 18 and over are still searching for an adoptive family. The reason why they're still searching is because they will always need a family, "parents" to call for moral support, for someone to confide in, and when wanting consolation; they feel trust from, it's a different need wanting your parents during difficult times. Family is so important. Regardless if it has a parent left in it or not, or if we are 90 years old, we all need someone we feel comfortable with. I know I'm a huge advocate for adoption and I believe that the permanency stables us but anyone loyal in our lives can fill our needs, especially an elder. I have much respect for my parents. And I know they're genuinely concerned, when I receive different remedy ideas. Baked onion for ear aches. Reminders to sip hot honey and cinnamon water. To put vick's on my feet while wearing socks to bed. To gargle with salt water. To slow down......"take it easy" It doesn't matter how old we are, who we are, we need people on whom we can call family. Love is so important for all of us. To conclude, we're done adopting, but we're not done needing to adovcate, and to educate the importance of family. Above anything - we all need stability of permanent loyal individuals in our life - and then we will be ok eventually.

- Always remember that the most important thing in a good family is not happiness, it's stability first!
Thank you for everyone that holds my hand, (that is my family) while I continue to open mine that needs.

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